Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ad: Korlane

Look at what I got in pretty packaging!!!
P/s. It didn't come in the mail, mail delivery usually comes in brown packaging....


By the good guys of Korlane~~~

I was really surprised when I found out they do personal delivery. This is what I call customer service man!!!
Okay la. they don't do delivery for ALL items, just for purchases over $150. But they understand some people still prefer delivery by mail, so it's up to you.

One plus point about them: Should you urgently need the dress like TMR or TONIGHT, you can let them know. They will try their best to make sure the dress gets to you on time. =D

Now let's see what they've sent me...

Pretty clothes!!!

The bracelet's from them too~

I didn't know I can look so demure~ ^^

Next is this Canopy Overlap Top.
I like the fact that it's simple, yet has details on.

You can wear it with a scarf to create a different feel~
(more style~)

The back

Check out my pretty earrings~!


And here's another dress that's so comfortable, so pretty, so soft you'll actually feel sexy in. Loads of laces it's SOOOOO comfortable!!!

A pretty dress to wear if you're one of the sisters in a wedding~ Or you can just wear this out shopping. Or dates. Or family formal dinners. You girls are savvy enough to think of the possibilities~

Can you actually TELL I'm 53kg? Cannot right? The fact is, I am. I really think I will be very chio once I'm below 50, and god forbid that I become sunken or haggard. *CHOI!!!!!*

MORE earrings!!!!

Ribbon Dual Crystal Earrings in White

Oh, this is my favourite pair!! See how it twinkles?

Blanc Morning Glory Earrings. When I saw this, I knew I had to get it, dunno why. 
It's not like I've an obsession with Morning Glories (eh!!!!!!!!!!!)
But it's really pretty, don't you think?

Okay, SPECIALLY for you guys okay, enter special promo code "silverblog2010" to enjoy exclusive 5% discount on ALL items, with no minimum order!!! What's more, should you buy more than $39.90's worth of products, you'll get a special free gift from them~ =D 

IF you really really like their stuff and decide to buy more than $99.90's worth of products, just check out the special promo codes to use on their promo page. (10% discount or more!) 

The 'silverblog2010' promo code is valid till 10/10/2010.

I got to warn you, their website is so pretty just feel like buying something~...
Head over to Korlane now!!!!!

So many pretty earrings, not enough ears!!!!


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