Friday, 17 September 2010

Ad: Chooquee

SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *screams!!!!*

 from Chooquee (pronounced Cho-kie)~

Warning: Be prepared to go pok-gai after this post....
P/s. Their shoes are of great quality~

I'm a heels fan~ More so if it's HIGH heels which doesn't hurt your feet (that's where platformed high heels come into the picture~)

And did you know nude coloured heels gives the illusion of longer legs? Plus they're classy~

10cm heels!!!! Yes!!!! These are perfect for Uei Gias like me! I'm 1.61cm....wearing these will make me *gasp* 1.71!!!!!


One thing I love about Chooquee is the fact that they're so good at spotting celebrity styles!!!

12cm!!!! Victoria-inspired. This will make me 1.73cm leh!!! INSTANTLY!!!! TALL PPL!!! I NOT SCARED OF YOU (if you wear flats...)!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

This one's 12cm too. See the thick platform? It really makes wearing high heels a much more pleasant affair...because that means you don't have to tiptoe so much (ouch) to get the same effect.

This is 11.5cm~ =DD

This is a fun pair!

They've got wedges too!!! 
Drain-gutters and soil, 谁怕你!!!!

Flats. For when you want to look stylish, yet don't want to wear heels...

Jello flats!!!! These things are all the rage now! Leave your ugly flip flops at home!

Chanel-inspired jellos. The Chooquee team said this goes very well with Maxi dresses...

I think it goes with casual wear too~ Plus! It's r.e.a.l.l.y comfy!!!! 也不怕下雨!Perfect for our now-sunny-suddenly-rainy-then-sunny-again anyhow weather~

Chooquee carries chio bags and apparels too! This is my favourite:
Chio. Means got style.
Big. Means can throw many things inside.
Stylo-Mylo Bom Peepee!!!


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