Thursday, 19 August 2010

Why Are People Ashamed of Aesthetic (Note: NOT necessarily Plastic) Surgery?

Or think that it's a taboo subject, altogether? Think about it, girls put on FAKE eyelashes, and they openly share what brand they're using and where to get it from. They get their nails painted / hair cut / facials done and they don't bat an eyelid about sharing where they've done it. Ask someone if they did anything to their nose/jaw/eyelids/suddenly improved hairline and they suddenly tense up or tell you they did nothing, or tell you "Really? Must be the make-up / I slimmed down."

Why ah? I can only come up with a few reasons:

1. They are ashamed that they actually need other people's help to achieve what they want/need. Then again, we aren't hermits, and that's what professionals are for! Don't tell me you can dig out cancer cells on your own with a scapel knife. Or massage your own back. Or do lasik on your own eye.

2. They are afraid people will say they are "hiao" (that's vain, for the benefit of those who don't understand). But come on, it's human nature to like pretty things. Show a little girl a fat jiejie and a thin jiejie. Both pretty. Both strangers to the child. $50 the child will chose the thinner one. Then show the girl these 2 pictures:
Ask her which one she likes. Go on...

How about these 2?

I'm guessing she has no idea who Natalie Portman or Jessica Alba are, but she chose those 2. A child does not lie. They like/don't like what they see, they tell you. So if u look like one of the other 2, and you want to consult a plastic surgeon what they can do for you, honestly, I don't think people have the right to judge you. =D

And really, do you prefer seeing Britney like this:

Or like this?

She was my idol back then, before she started marrying and screwing the wrong guys and screwed herself up. She worked hard for what she got, and that included her body. And really, all these had gone to waste.



And you can't argue, she had the best celebrity body before Jessica Alba appeared. I sure hope she picks herself up, somehow. I want to see that once not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman woman back!

And by the way, in all primary schools, if you can get a fat kid to really talk, chances are he has been bullied, or called names, just because he's fat. Not very nice, is it? But hey, even children behave like that on their own, so it'll be unwise to say that if an artiste like me goes for professional fat reduction by liposuction, I am bad influence on the kids and will cause them to have negative body image issues. If a child is a glutton, he is a glutton and WILL grow fat. A normal active child is usually in the ideal weight range. Save for those with thyroid issues. These people, I think, have the worst body image issues about themselves, and if someone can help them and thus up their confidence levels, why not? =)

3. They don't want people to know they actually have enough money to do the procedures. It's like inviting ppl to come rob you. That's what the old foggies used to tell us...

4. For those who have had aesthetic surgery done for some time, they don't wish for ppl to dig up their ugly past becaue they were SO ashamed of what they looked like. Hey hey! The past made you who you are! Qiu said she was an ugly child, and had gotten so much abuse from other kids that she's grown into the strong woman she is now. I was a really fat girl, and I vowed to myself never to go back there. I met this model-actress who keeps an old picture of herself when she was a fat teeneger, to remind herself what she went through to be stick-thin now, and not to overeat. She was anorexic by the way, and in the process, lost so much weight that her complexion suffered and her periods stopped coming for 6 months. This is one path I don't want to go, though I'm quite sure if given enough pressure it might happen to anyone. I want to continue eating my soupy kway teows, brown rice porridge, the occasional durian, and STILL lose weight. Yes I don't eat unhealthily, so I'm sick of carrying this extra 3-4 kgs on me for the past 8 years.

And seriously, if I had gone for surgery and look better after that (Note: I said BETTER), I would be most happy to share with friends and readers who have my old problems, which doctor I went, and what options to consider. Just be helpful, and ignore the idiots with fake eyelashes who's gonna say I'm fake because I went to suck out some fats. Big deal. Pffft~

I'll think of more reasons if I could and post them tonight, when I have the time. For now, I gotta go. See ya!

That Silver Girl

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