Thursday, 26 August 2010

On Board the YOG Bus!!!

The videos took forever to load and I've been trying them for 4 hours. -.-" Unsucceessful. Only 1 up. Will try to fix that asap. Meanwhile, just bear with what I have first k? Or just read my Starblog post first, add a comment or 2 about what you think! Just click the Starblog post at the sidebar. =D

This is one post with a shitload of photos so be prepared for a visual treat as I (going to sound like some tour guide) take you on my Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame, onboard the YOG Coca-Cola bus!!!

P/s. Next time, I shall set my camera picture size to VGA instead of 3M or 5M. It's a pain to manually resize each and every picture I need to post on Paint...grrrrr~

Here goes~

Warning: This may look like a Picasa/Flickr album~ Too many pics!

 This is the bus I will be boarding! I have no idea what to expect. What the hell are we going to do on the bus ah? I know, I'm such a clueless blogger. 被 taken for a ride 都不懂要 ride 去哪里,做什么...

WAH!!!! Downstairs so chaotic ah!!!! Got fierce coordinators shouting at people somemore...betta run upstairs and stay there....

All that music on the Hippo bus was being generated by this! It runs on petrol leh! Halfway through the petrol emptied, and the music stopped~ Someone got it fixed of course~ By pumping petrol!

I later found out people would be running with the Youth Olympic Flame and passing them on, and the buses would be following them on the journey of the Youth Olympic Flame!!!! And we were going to cheer them on and spread the cheer around!!!

I love my red Coke shirt leh! Cos it's made from 100% recycled Coke bottles!!! Amazing right??? It feels EXACTLY like a cotton shirt lor! Eco-friendly, and innovative!!! I like!!!!

Students on the bus behind ours! Theirs is the Samsung bus~

The weather was humid that day, and I was thankful there were no sun. And Mint ACTUALLY brought a fan~~~~

Zouk on a bus~ These kids were DANCING man!!!!

"Open up, open up some happiness~~~Open up, open up some happy-ness~~"

We sure got some curious stares...

The people outside Tangs looked absolutely blur~ That girl in pink was like going "What's going on???"

Further down the road, people were more enthu~ There were people cheering and waving to us~
Check out the video to see the crowd!

If you're wondering what that annoying horn in the background was, it came from this. Shaped like a Coke bottle, it's actually a hornfor us to blow to, erm, apparently get more attention and MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!

Samsung. Proud sponsor of YOG! 
I'm a Samsung fan!!! Have always been since my very first Samsung phone 5 years ago. Have NEVER looked back since. And I'm still upset I lost my Samsung Jet.......................yet to replace one...sigh~

Until today, I never knew what OFS stood for. Overseas Family School. =)

And Singtel of course didn't lose out in giving their support~ If only their customer service staff were this friendly to their customers. Plenty of bad feedback from many different friends. =(

MORE Singtel support.

Waving and screaming "HI!!!!" to people was very tiring, but really fun and satisfying to do, especially when people wave back at you! 

Mint saw a couple of idiots giving us the middle finger when the YOG buses went past them. Like, THE MIDDLE FINGER!!! When we were being nice and spreading cheer and smiling and waving to them!!! Rude arses. I pray these people find meaning in their sad lives.

This was what the buses looked like as they went pass crowds! Theirs is the blue Samsung bus, ours the red Coca-Cola bus!

p/s. All these guys on the buses were students from NYP who VOLUNTEERED to come and help with this event! Nice work guys!!!

With 妹 Mint~

Some of the cool kids I met on the YOG bus!

AHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!!! Nice try guys. Very f~u~n~n~y......
You do know you're going to get prank calls from boliao people once I took your picture right? No? NO??? Oops.

I just HAD to add on to the noise!!!! WAHAHAHAHAH~~~~ Makes me feel young leh!



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