Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Name is NOT Sliver Ang.

On countless occasions I have received FB messages, SMSes, emails, and written letters addressing me by the name of "Sliver". I will understand if it's a one-off typo error. But repeated SMSes going "Hi Sliver....." is just plain annoying. It's not like, a very cheem Ang Mor mia you know? Not "Knox" or "Marcheline" or "Brochovich" or "L'vr" (I never knew how to say that shop's name). Just another normal English word, one which is not only existent in English, but which people spent time in Chemistry lessons on as well. S-I-L-V-E-R. Very hard meh? Must make me sound like "saliva" or something. Or like some sliver of hope crap. Call me "Ag" or "925" I also won't be so du lan.

P/s. Oh by the way, call me Hi Ho Silver and I'll slap your face. I kept hearing crew calling me "Hi Ho" when I was in the airline. Almost EVERY. OTHER. FLIGHT. NEVER heard before prior to flying. Turned out it was the name of this horse who starred in this show back in the 70s or 80s or something. One tactless IFS (think his name was Kenny or K-something la, see I didn't even bother remembering his name after that) even joked that I should speak to my parents about naming me after a horse. Then laughed to himself. By now the whole briefing room can sense that I buay song already, only his antennae spoilt. (Too used to being tactless, it seemed.) Horse your backside la! I tell you my friend's bulldog called Kenny you song bo??? (Nothing against all other Kennys. Just that one.)

Anyway, back to my topic.

No shad, I'm not pissed at you. I'm sure it was a genuine error. I'm just using this picture to illustrate an example.

Look at the reference I got from Nuffnang~
In the past month, I have 98 searches for "sliver ang" and 33 for "sliver ang blog".

Got PLENTY more examples, but I'm too lazy to bother digging the pictures out and taking pictures then uploading them here.

Was complaining to some people, and this friend by the name of Adrian told me that like me, people would pronounce his name right, but decide to spell his name as "Adrain". Come to think of it, "Sliver "sounds better than some long kang. I'm sure all the Brians get it as well.

Then another girl, Elise, told me people kept calling her "Elsie". Wah lagi worse. Mine is spell wrong nia, hers people just anyhow put the letters together to remember her name, so got it wrong altogether, spelling AND pronounciation.

One more one more. EVEN more champion than Elise's case. A friend by the name of Azmi. Great cabin crew friend of mine. He would introduce himself in the briefing room, clearly telling people how to pronounce his name. I mean, not in a rude way la. When he introduces yourself, he would go "Hi I'm Ahz mee. Nice to meet you." (Almost all crew I know prints out the crew name list of that particular flight.) He was telling me once, right after introducing himself and sitting down, the inflight supervisor went "Okay Ahmizz, you can play the safety video now". Then onboard, like Elise's case, people would call him Amiz, Azim, Izam, Aziz etc. Most of the time anything but Azmi. What, Scrabble ah? And some of them can still call him by the wrong name AFTER he corrected them. Listen, people, then digest it. Not hear and anyhow acknowledge "Orh paiseh paiseh" then go "By the way Aziz, can you help me fix a Gin and Tonic for the passenger at 56K?"

Honestly, typo errors are fine, and we, being nice and understanding people, will of course forgive that. But repeatedly spelling it wrong just doesn't cut it. Pronouncing it wrong AFTER you've been corrected just makes us NOT want to talk to you anymore. And I'm sure it's not just a matter of being petty or not. Being annoyed once or twice about something is fine, people will get over it after some time, but being annoyed the same issue, and having it constantly repeatedly reminded, just makes us that, DAMN GAM PUA ANNOYED. And yes, because we already sian ji bngua, don't expect us to pay full attention to what you had wanted to tell us.

That Silver Girl


  1. Hon,

    pple pronounce my name as denz, like what's up.. am i really that dense to begin with...can't they pronounce the whole DENZEL ?


  2. Same here, I get absolutely annoyed when people pronounce my name wrongly despite being corrected. It is just so irritating to hear ur name being called wrongly by the same person despite telling them many times before.

  3. some of these people who repeatedly committing similar mistakes might be dyslexic.

  4. haizz.. i understand... though ppl dont pronounce my name wrongly, they juz all the time type my name wrongly. alwayz mixing up the positioning of Y and L... -__-''' till i given up correcting them...