Sunday, 22 August 2010

Kotex WOW Blogger Party!

This is going to be such a girly post, but guys, you don't have to go away okay, read on. You may even find this interesting. Got many pictures you know?

Was invited to the Kotex WOW Blogger Party at Heaven's Loft (Level 8, Orchard Central), and to be honest, I wouldn't have gone if Mint hadn't asked me to, since I'm a tampon user. Kotex has a new tampon line with colourful packaging which I already love, so I couldn't think of anything that might be more useful to me. =P

Here's the Kotex product I TOTALLY dig.

 Colourfully wrapped tampons!!!!

 I've only bought Kotex tampons since discovering them a few months ago... =D

But I was so glad Mint asked me to go!!! I was so in for a treat...

Like so exciting, they keep having these 'unveiling' pictures everywhere! Even in the email invite:

They gave me a personalized flower when I signed in!!! I chose the yellow flower, to match my dress~

Because there were great food~!!! Lol~ Nah I'm not really a foodie la, but as with all blogger events, or any other events for that matter, if there's food, it must be a grand enough event for the organisers . =D

With 干妹 Mint!

Pretty cupcakes! Wow~~~~

You can make your own and bring it home! Told you I'm not a foodie, so I didn't make one. =P

Can even take ambassador-like pictures~ I feel like The Kotex Girl!!! *dreaming*

It was a heaven's loft of babes man~ Mostly chio ones. Lol~  To be honest, the last time I saw so many women in one place was when I was at Play...and that was many months back...

There's Crystal giving the presentation. 
I got so excited when she said "For 120 years, pads have remained white despite fashion having evolved..." Like, ARE THEY GOING TO COME UP WITH PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, RED PADS??????

Nope. Even better!

You're going to love their new product man~ I'm sure it WILL change the history of pads from now on... Woohoo!!! I was like "WAH KAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooooHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" *claps furiously* when they unveiled their product. Oh man, "WOW" is an understatement!!!!

Inside this Lookbook are the sample pads~

We can't wait to get our pretty fingers on it!!!
(Yah cheesy, I know~ WHAHAHA!!!)

Okay, you saw it here first okay~

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads!!!!!
The girl-next-door collection. Comes in 3 designs!

The indie-chick collection. Also 3 designs. 
By 3 designs I mean when you buy this collection ALL 3 DESIGNS will be in the pack so you won't have to stand there and decide which design to get. You just need to decide which collection to get. And trust me, you WILL stand on the pharmacy/supermarket aisle for some time deciding anyway... ;)

SOOOO PRETTY RIGHT??????? Like, since you're going to have to wear it on your period anyway, might as well wear a pretty one~ At least it'll look pretty before it's soiled. Or MAYBE MAYBE!!! Your stains will add on to the design!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Price? It's the same! SO might as well get the prety one right? =DD

This is actually their new product. And I have to tell you, it feels really very very soft...

For those of you currently using the Kotex Luxe Ultrathins, this will be the permanent design soon~

I know, picture taken at a wrong angle, and I carelessly left my Lookbook on the sofa so I can't take another picture now. =( But it's real pretty too~

The girls from Kotex also made sure we bloggers have some fun whilst we're there~ After all, the theme is fun/flirty/girly~

Art and Craft session... The Yellow team (that's us!) was given buttons and crayons, along with a bottle of glue which leaks glue from everywhere (beside the cap, at the base of the nozzle, the screw cap area...) except from the nozzle tip. 

Other groups have like feathers and fur-extension-like things leh! One piece can take up a lotta space liao lor~ Buttons so small la, stick until we chiu sng (hand tired) also haven't finished...

Zoh gang la~ Complain also only got buttons nia~unless ppl start taking off their fake eyelashes to stick...
Recognise the girl in front of me not? I recognised her as one of the models for My Hair Queen! That makes 2 of us~ =D

Peggy suggested sticking the nametags! GREAT idea babe!!! One flower can save us 6-8-button-sticking-time!!!!!

Trying to improve the mess-terpiece.
Seriously, there is a huge worry that when we stick this part of the poster up, all the buttons will drop off cos the glue doesn't stick. Lol~ Okay la, we stuck like 200 buttons, so if most of them drop off, surely at least 20 will stay put hor~

Done! Actually it doesn't look too bad~ *proud*

My buddy for the day~ Yishi!!!!! Also my secondary school bestie. Also my unofficial-official photographer for the day!

The pretty LUXE packaging. Look out for this soon okay? ;)
Especially you guys who are reading, in case your girl gets cramps so bad she can't get out of bed and asks you to help her buy and u have no idea what it looks like~ What, it happens okay! And even if she didn't request for this particular pad you can get her this to cheer her up~ *thoughtful* 

(I'd make a great lesbian partner, I'm SURE of it.)

It's a drawstring pouch that comes in 6's. 
The Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Design Pads will either come in a Single pack of 14s or 20s (U.P $6.40) or 3 smaller packs of 6s (U.P $5.85). That's where my coupon code at the top of the blog comes in. More on that later. Show you the actual stuff first.

Individually packed in purple!

Another of the designs from the girl-next-door collection! You know, I'm so sure competitor brands will start copying this idea. And Kotex will just keep coming out with prettier designs and more innovative stuff~!!! 

Not trying to por okay, I seriously think so!

Can't wait to get your pretty hands on this product already right???
It'll be available in stores islandwide from 6th September 2010! Now just scroll to the top of the blog, click on the WOW banner, key in coupon code HBIM to claim a free sample pack of the pads! You can also get pretty wallpapers, screensavers and a pretty TWITTER background!!! 

Pssst guys~~~ You can get it for your girlfriends~ =)



  1. Hey Silver, nice meeting you at the event! You're really pretty!!

  2. just curious, why do u prefer tampons to pad? Is it due to the nature of your work or personal preference? Isn't it uncomfortable having it in you for long? Doesnt it break your hymen?


  3. Ju Ann>> Thanks babe! =) You're very nice~

    Lyn>> Personal preference. I absolutely CANNOT stand (sorry for being graphic guys) blood gushing out every time I stand up, walking around with that blood and possibly clots in my pad, and then having to sit down and squish that bunch of mess. Yes I hear you!!! EEEEEUUUU right???

    I also don't like the idea of extensive cleaning up EVERY TIME I go to the toilet. Waste a lot of tolet paper leh. Lol.

    No dear, wearing a tampon doesn't break your hymen. Extensive vigorous activities like doing splits might, but that's just a small possibility. Once you have it propery inserted, you can't feel it there at all! And you don't even feel like you're having your period! No gushes, no mess~ Save toilet paper somemore~

  4. oic...tx for the reply!