Monday, 16 August 2010

GY Yishun Renovation Party & PCK The Movie

Thanks to Omy, I got invited to the GV Yishun Renovation Party on the 11 August!

Cocktail reception sounded like an understatement.

There was a full buffet dinner spread lor!

For those who live near town or in the East, I'm sure many of you have not been here. This is how GV Yishun looks like:

Super 90's futuristic. Plenty of neon lights. Lol~

Neon light numbers!!!!

I'm sure you don't know this, but Yishun 10 (that's what GV Yishun's called!)was the FIRST of the GoldenVillage cinemas in Singapore! And it was also the FIRST multiplex with 10 theatres! Which explains the name Yishun 10~

I grew up in the North and North-West area, and I remember Yishun 10 was one of the places I used to go to with my very first boyfriend. Student ma, dunno where to go, watch movie lor...I even remembered watching Jurassic Park with my primary schoolmates there! Like, it was my very first go-by-myself-with-friends cinema!

And this time, I have with me....

My Ah Bu!!! 
Look like my friend hor? Got ppl ask leh "Your friend ah?". "No lah this is my Mummy!" 
Not bad hor?

I met Mint there! 

As well as the other bloggers like Yong Wei, HP, William....

Our movie session was the LAST session leh! Before they will off the lights for the last time for renovations! So cool! Like I'm part of this historic event~

Must spoil picture... -.-"

It'll reopen in November! I'm quite excited as to how it'll look. Then again, a small part of me feels sad that this...THIS old Yishun 10 will no longer be the Yishun 10 I remember it to be...*sob*

And theatre 8 was the last theatre of the old Yishun 10 I visited...

One last look at the theatre interior.....

Cannot cannot...must take picture WITH ME INSIDE!

After the show, Ah Chu and Rosie came!

All wanting to catch a glimpse of Singapore's most famous contractor!

The movie was REALLY funny by the way. My mum and me were cackling throughout the show~ So were the people in front, behind, at the other get the picture. It's not like your usual PCK on tv, this one has more emotion, more content, more build-up. Worth watching!

After the session with PCK, those who attended the party were allowedto bring home a piece of Yishun 10! You can take the lights, posters, the cinema seats (YES, even those!!!!), a piece of the carpet, and god-knows what else! GV have dismantled Hall 6 for this purpose! Check out the swarms of people wanting to get in!

Okay some form of system took place...

Inside Hall 6....

Look what Mint got!

An old picture of Yishun 10.

And a fragment of the carpet!


Okay come to think of it, it's not Donnie Yen, so it's okay~ *sashays away*

What my mum really wanted to bring home, was this....

My place is sorta still in the midst of renovations, and we want to change the 15-year-old sofa in the living room. Had wanted to ask Mr David Glass (MD of GV!) about it but he was so busy talking to someone else and I was too paiseh to interrupt his conversation to ask about the sofa!!! Then Mummy also shy to ask... Alvin! Help me ask leh!!! =(

How did I know it was him (Mr Glass)? I saw him at the premiere of 《老牛与嫩草》!He had a guest appearance as the Ang Mor who had a conflict with the taxi driver about the CBD surcharge! Yup, THAT's GV's Managing Director~!!!

Maybe I can email him? Skali he ignore my email how??? =((( We really want the sofa....

Super buay zi dong uncle...ppl taking picture cannot stand up for a while meh????
Spoil picture #2... -.-"'

I think my final experience with old Yishun 10 is a pleasant one. And because I'm blogging about it, I can dig out this old post and reminisce about it in the future when I'm old with grown-up kids~ =DD


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