Sunday, 1 August 2010


Like I mentioned a few posts back, I was going to meet Liu Qian, THAT famous Taiwanese celebrity magician. I'd have wished I could say it was for a date, but unforunately, that was just delusional thinking on my part...

I got to go to his hotel room though~ *shy*

What~ People LIU QIAN LEH!!! VERY famous one you know??? Of course need privacy la! And where else better than your own hotel room...hor?

(I'm still gianing a hotel stay for the period of renovations... )
Anyway, sidetrack a bit. I was filming with 刘谦益 yesterday. He told us some time ago, when Liu Qian was still new to Singapore, 谦益大哥 saw the headlines on the newspaper "刘谦 something something" and hegot a shock. He was wondering what the hell hashe done to get onto the newspaper headlines. Then upon closer inspection, he realized the paper was referring to someone else. And he was saying his name 取得不好。 IF he was named one character less, he would have been famous. Lol~ 


Qiuting, Me, and Christine with our props~ Raring to go!
Huh? Why? My hair??? Why leh? *looks around*
Orh~~~ tell you guys more in a later post...
Concentrate on this post first la~


Can you see Christine's loophole??? Lol!!! I didn't realize until it was pointed out to me!!!

When it was my turn, I was so nervous that I kept not knowing how to respond to him~ Malu seh~~~~
(I did try to keep my composure...)



Actually he knows this trick too! So I requested for him to do HIS version of the performance. ^.^
My turn to concentrate~

Here's my performance!!!

Mad nervous!!! But he was really really very nice and friendly!!! He's very funny as well! Different from that 综艺大哥大 magician judge character!

ACT!!! Don't say don't have ah~ I give you exposure on my blog~ Lol~~~

So funny when he started inspecting her nails instead of the cards!!!

Still wondering why I love this woman? (even though she doesn't shower...)

 1. She's funny.
2. She's pretty.
3. She can carry herself well.
Actually, Christine's growing on me too, cos she's all of the above as well. ;)

The chiobu bloggers with the yandao magician~

ACTUALLY, you can just call us the 4 good-looking magicians la~

Liu Qian JUST had his 谦变万化 magic show yesterday. You missed it? Don't worry, you can always watch him on 综艺大哥大's 大魔镜!


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