Saturday, 21 August 2010

Ad: My Hair Queen

I'm going to be able to change my looks as and when I like!!!!
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What, you guys didn't really think I went to cut my hair, did you??????


Okay, I'm going to teach you guys how to wear wigs today~ So you can change your looks whenever, too. (And bluff people that you've cut ur hair~)

First you braid your hair like this.

Pin up your pigtails. The reason why I didn't do a bun was because when you wear a wig, it'll look like there's a hump inside your head. Which looks fake, immediately.

Pin up the fringe.

If you'd like, you can wear a hair net to secure all your hair. It'll make wearing the wig a bit harder cos you may accidentally pull on the hairnet and mess up the whole thing inside, after which you'll have to secure the hairnet again. Good thing about wearing a hairnet is that it ensures that baby hair, especially those behind at the nape of your neck won't creep out and tell ppl there's real, long hair inside....

Pin down the hairnet along the hairline to secure it. It's very important to ensure it's secure or you will find it VERY difficult to wear your wig later on.

Brush through the wig to make it nice and neat. One thing or 2 about wigs. If it is made of real hair, you can curl it, blowdry it, tong it, whatever, and it'll be okay. For synthetic hair, it's NOT heat resistant so you can't really do anything other than wash. This wig is synthetic, so I'll just brush through.

Secure the front first.

Then inside the wig, there're these 2 hooks. After you manage to put the entire wig on, secure this at the back of your head above ur nape so the wig's

Tadah~ The bob with side-swept fringe.

Super 60s vogue. Love it!!!

It doesn't have to look like that. Rearrange the parting and the fringe a bit and it'll look different!

See what I mean?

A close-up look at the hair.

When you do the parting, be careful not to show this. Or people will be able to tell u're wearing a wig. Your best bet after styling? Hairspray. So EVERYTHING stays in place.

The back.

Pin down the wig along the hairline if u wish to make it more secure. (Lie down won't fall off)
If you're not lying down and are sure no one will pull your hair, then leave it. More pins and hairnet usually make it more itchy. Dunno why. Especially when it's hot. But they help make the look better.

Another wig. Bob-style with bangs. I wish I knew about this when I was flying, so I don't have to bun up my hair!!!! =)  Neat lor!!!!

Wear the wig a bit more back so the fringe is higher, for a different look.


Now for the clip-on bangs. This is Natiral Bangs in Honey Brown.

This is how the inside looks like.

Has 2 little clips inside so application is easy. Just clip on and u're done!

Drawback? See that?

Wear a hairband to conceal!

Now you can't see the line anymore!

Or you can wear the Usagi headband which is all the rage now. It's this headband which, when you actually feel it, has a wire hidden inside so u can twist and turn it anyway u like and the shape stays put~ This is my own piece, but My Hair Queen sells this too!

Personally, I like the look without the hairband. If you're tall like Qiuting (174cm), and u're going to wear heels, you don't have to worry about having to wear a hairband.

Same bangs with hair let down.

Make sure you arrange the hair such that the edge of the fringe blends in with ur hair.

Need a recap on ALL my different looks with just 3 hairpieces?

I feel like 百变女皇~

Which look do you like? I like all of them!!!! =DDD And the best part is their wigs and hairpieces are not expensive!!! All quite cheap!!! (Go to Sinma and compare, you'll know what I mean.)

Hop over to My Hair Queen to see all their hairpieces now!!!!

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  1. hehehe..looks so cute. Now we can have different hairstyles

  2. Is My Hair Queen going to give your readers discount coupons?

  3. Hi chanced upon your blog, wondering if the clip on bangs in honey brown is golden like in the first of it's pic or much darker in real life? What was your hair colour back then? The photos all had different colours on my screen so it's quite hard to guage thanks.

  4. Hey IA,

    It's not really golden la. Honey brown lor. Meaning it's quite a light brown colour, which was quite close to my hair colour then.