Friday, 16 July 2010

Review: Musee Platinum Tokyo

I got invited to try the IPL service at Musee Platinum Tokyo!

They specialize in hair removal. Somehow recently all my invites and stuff have been hair-related. If it's not waxing it's eyebrows, if not it's the head hair, now IPL hair removal. Lol~ Nothing~ Just trivial banter~

For those of you who don't already know, IPL - Intense Pulsed Light. Girls who have gone through this treatment will tell you that their hair grew out very fine, similar to that of baby hair, or have become completely hairless. Meaning no more growth at all. Ain't that convenient?

I went to the outlet at Parco Millenia Walk. I like the fact that the whole place looks very professional and clean. No dirty towels lying around, no weird fingerprint marks on the wall, no dirty shoe-prints either. Just clean and white.

This is the entrance / reception area. 

The waiting area

Upon attending to you, the consultant will hand you a survey form. This is to understand your needs and skin/health condition before they can recommend/perform any services on you. The survey is about 4-pages long! That's how concerned and detailed they are. ;)

Taking it very seriously.

The consultant then proceeded to ask me questions to find out more, based on my answers. She was really friendly and nice, and addressed all concerns professionally. So thumbs up for customer-service!
By the way, consultation is free~~~

One thing I really like about them, is that they do not practise hard-selling. I've been to numerous salons / beauty parlours for their trial or one-time offer sessions and have the consultant sit me in the consultation room for at least an hour trying to make me sign for a full package costing from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. If you refuse then they will try to make you buy this cream, that lotion, this whatever. Musee Platinum is proud to say that they do not practise that. They don't sell products either. Woohoo!!! 
Your wallet and credit card are safe!

Another plus?
They have no hidden costs!!!
Musee Platinum Tokyo only charges customers for the hair removal treatment. That means no admission fee, annual membership fee, or any additional fees for cosmetics and aftercare products. Their hair removal treatment fees are clearly indicated and you only pay for what you see on their fee chart. The fees do not change according to your hair quality or volume. So they cannot tell you "Ah! You're very hairy! So will be a bit more expensive lor!"

Of course, if you have thick and coarse armpit hair which requires you to shave, wax or epilate every other day, then you will definitely need more sessions than someone who has very fine armpit hair. The charges are the same, but understand that everyone's hair grows differently.

Wait wait wait!!! If that's not safe enough for your wallet then read on -

The treatment fees, if you are unsatisfied or change your mind about the treatment, are fully refundable.
They do not sell individual sessions, so it's all by packages. However, if, after 1 or 2 sessions, you don't see results or are not satisfied, they will refund the remainder of the unused package. Reasonable right? So you just pay for whatever you have used.

Trust me, no salon I know of have all of the above 3 attributes. So they are not here to rob you.
And in case you're still worried because so many spas and salons have 关门大吉-ed the past few months, fret not, because Musee Platinum Tokyo is so big, they have

AND!!! Customer satisfaction, according to well-known Japanese company Oricon, has been tops for 2 years now! For a Japanese company to come out tops, shows how customer-service-oriented they are, since we all know customer service in Japan is generally very good already.

They brought me to the treatment room and I got changed into a tube-robe. Though the girl had told me it would be painless, or I would feel only very little discomfort, she did however, mention that there will be a slight rubber-band flick kinda sensation if I intend to go for normal intensity. I've tried IPL on my face before, so I know how that feels like. I had asked for the strongest intensity of IPL to be used, since my pain threshold is really high. For first-timers, maybe you can try the low intensity IPL first, and if you feel alright, just ask the lady attending to you to make it higher. Easy-peazy~

Guess what?
I lay down on the bed, had my eyes covered (this is to protect the eyes from the light), held both my arms above my head, and....

I dozed off.
That was how painless it was. AND I USED THE HIGHEST INTENSITY LEH!!!!!!
Mayba it was because I was really tired as well, but hey, still, I thought it was painless. Totally.

They applied a type of gel onto my pits before doing the IPL. This is done to make sure that the skin is protected and kept hydrated. IPL itself is a drying process, and because of the heat, it may cause a bit of damage to your skin. MPT has taken that into consideration, and has specially formulated a gel for the IPL process so as to ensure that the skin surface structure is not damaged. Then after treatment, a moisturizing essence was applied to smooth the skin.

They recommend treatment once every 2 months, and after treatment, you can expect the hair to fall out in about 2 weeks. If you need to remove the hair within these 2 weeks, shave. Do not wax or epilate as doing so will cause the hair follicle to open up. IPL helps to make the follicles smaller, so if you expand it again, it defeats the purpose. Furthermore, I learnt that waxing, plucking, or epilating causes the armpits to become unsightly and bumpy, even darkening in colour. Ingrown hair is also a possibility.

I wasn't expecting much as the lady told me I might not be able to see results so soon as my pit hair grows quite quickly. (I needed to epilate once every 3 days, while she told me hers was once a week!!! Walao lucky girl!!!)

Okay this part might gross some of you out so don't highlight the next line and don't read if you're worried okay? For those who wants to know the results, mouse your cursor over the next line and highlight. ;)

 I checked my pits yesterday, and I used my fingers to try to pull off a strand of hair. It. Just. Came. Off. Like that!!!! Eh those who are grossed out, who asked you to ka ceng jngiew go and highlight????

I knew you will do it. Muahahahaha~~~~

I know I had the price list here, but because the guys from Musee doesn't want their competitors to know exactly how competitive their prices are, they've requested that I remove the list. SORRY!
Anyway, just enquire, the girls will let you know the price. Remember there's no hardselling so you don't have to worry that they will katok you if you just go for their consultation/counselling.

They charge according to whether it's a Large area or a Small area. If, let's say, you choose a 6 session package for your stomach, but after 4 sessions, you realize your stomach has already become very hairless. What do you do with the remaining 2 sessions? You can opt to do either 2 sessions of Large elsewhere parts, or 4 sessions of Small parts. Mix them anyway you like, just remember that 1L session = 2S sessions.

They're having a promotion, so supposing you sign up for that 6 session stomach deal, you get to choose either Privilege 1: Free unlimited sessions for UnderArms, or Privilege 2: 1 free L parts or 2 free S parts! 
And you would have saved a good $500!!!

$500 ah, top up a bit can buy iPad you know...
Or a netbook.

Then there's this other promotion....

UNLIMITED for S$188!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Savings of $800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I know, I sound like those Courts or Giant advertisements. Hahahha!!!
But seriously, unlimited for this price is an offer you can't miss. I know of people who went to get the underarms done and it cost them about 1k. Total. 

Musee is flexible in the sense that IF, SUPPOSING you don't know if this is going to work for you. So you're not going to fork out S$582.08 for a 4-session (L) package right away, right? You can, if you want, take the S$188 promo first. Experience the treatment, and if you like it and wants to then take the 4-session package, just top up $582.08 - $188 = $394.08

The maths is correct hor?
I never use calculator leh! *so proud of my mental sums*

My point is, SEE!!! Musee is so flexible, you KNOW they are not trying to rip you off.

One thing about this place is it's an all women salon. 

No men. No children.
To maximise the whole comfort level. Kids can run around, or scream, or cry. Men, well, some women just feel uncomfortable seeing a male form lurking around where she goes to remove her bikini/armpit hair. You get the picture?

I love the fact that the whole process, from consultation to treatment to you leaving the salon, takes only about 30 minutes. So it's very convenient!!! Schedule about 1 hour in case you have A LOT of questions to ask them. And in case there's a queue due to me posting this up. ;)

Go check out Musee Platinum Tokyo's website, so you can ask less questions when you're there.

Love Me,


  1. hello silver, can i know the price for IPL for large areas? liked full leg?

  2. After reading your blog, I went to try & won't go back again.
    The consultant Riyana booked for me on 9pm. When I went they, they are closing and said that no appointment was made for me. I paid $582 for 8 small session and get the underarm fee but that night, they can only do underarm for me and asked me to come back following day to do bikini line. The next day, I waited 20 mins before was asked by a Malay consultant to "take off all your clothes" when I only need to do bikini line. To my horror, the towel on the bed not just got bit of hairs and the big towel was wet too! So I helped myself to clean towel and throw the dirty towels on floor. You know what, the therapist actually pick up the dirty towel on floor to raise my knee up. As she is wearing gloves and cannot feel that it is wet. Later she cut open my disposable while her other colleagues from next room was flipping open the partition curtain and also the main door when my lower body was exposed naked. When I confronted the consultant that there is no privacy and ask how she will feel if she in my shoes as she initially denied that her colleagues did that since she covered my face with towel & sunglasses first thing when she entered the room. Then she sheepishly said sorry. During the process, when she shaved too hard, I cried out "ouch", she scold me for not covered my face saying that her manager may walk in to check & will scold her, so I reason that it not IPL yet and I will answered for her. During the session,I can feel that she used her gloves touch everything else and touched my private area, and she scooped the gel from my left side and reused on my right side. After the cold compression, I left before she return to the room, as I afraid of Urinary tract Infection so I dashed to the toliet to clean up. Much later,I received a call from this same consultant who reprimanded me on the phone saying "How can you walk away just like that". I told her that I am upset of the poor service but she again said that "how can you just walk off and left your member card behind". Instead of apologize, she still got the cheeks to reprimand me.
    After 1xs, I won't go back again.

  3. BTW, I went to the Centrepoint outlet. Even the way they talk to me is also very rude. No customer service. Very disappointed! I even asked them who can get the Japaness managers to do for them instead of local malay, they told me the Japanese and if the Japanese managers do for you will need a interpreter so when I request for the Japaneses manager, they flatly turned me down and said that the managers are away but I just heard my next door neighbour having Japanese managers with Interpreter. So Double standard.

  4. Anon>> OMG!!! Is this serious??? You'd better file a complain! Because when we do blogger reviews, they may tend to be nicer. Please feedback to the managers if you can? I will, on my part, let them know as well. Thanks for sharing dear.

  5. Thank for your concerns. I called up 63372771 to file a complaint & also draft a detail email to the person-in-charge.

  6. Hi Silver,
    Thanks for this interesting post. Got me very interested in Musee.
    Is it possible to email me the pricelist @


  7. Hi Silver,
    Thank you for the sharing. Can you email me the price list at
    Thank you very much.

  8. Hi,
    Mind email me the pricelist at

  9. Hi Silver,
    Please email me the pricelist too! (:


  10. Hi Silver

    Can you email me the price list too?

    Thanks!! =D

  11. Hi everyone

    I tried this place Musee Platinum Tokyo because I bought a special coupon to try out underarm treatment.
    It was the WORST experience ever!!!
    The lady was RUDE and as soon as she knew I was using a coupon, her attitude went worst.
    She made me wait for half and hour after filling the form and then came back with the "big file" with all the price list and treatments offered. She was pushing so hard and said that everyone has to buy a treatment and that being beautiful is not free and so on.
    I kindly rejected the offer and told her that I would like to try the underarm treatment first before buying other treatment.After saying that, she immediately closed her file and left.
    I waited another 15 minutes before going to the counter and saw her talking and laughing with her colleagues. I asked how long should I wait for and she just replied : you can just go now.
    What ??????????!!!!
    I spent almost an hour and booked this session 2 months in advance to hear her selling me products ??? I was supposed to have my first treatment but since I didn't buy anything, she told me that I would have to wait another 2 months before starting because I wasn't a "MEMBER" since I used a coupon.

    I would like to add that the coupon is NOT FREE! I bought it at a reduced price only.

    I told her I couldn't wait for so long and said that I already waited 2 months to have the appointment. But she only said, we only have dates for memeber! And to my surprise, I saw her appointment book half empty!!! She was lying to my face!!

    This experience was HORRIBLE and I would ask anyone who's interested in trying them NOT TO GO!!! Unless you are ready to buy everything they sell!!!

  12. Oh dear...It seems like a lot of people have bad experience with Musee Platinum. Mmm...okay words from was a review arranged for me so I think they may have been putting up a front. They may also have been genuine except that this particular outlet that people have been complaining about has really kns staff.

    Whatever it is, I always believe in service, with or without service charge involved. If the service is shit, don't patronise. You are better off spending the money elsewhere.

  13. Hi babes, I recently saw a groupon for Regina's and like everyone, went online to read reviews. I got to know of Musee and was wondering if i should commit to the groupon with Regina's or jump ship to musee.. but i read of quite a few reviews abt how musee has a waitlist for 2 mths to get appt, so i decided to place my money with regina's..

    I just went for my first appt yest and am pleasantly surprised. like everyone here, i expected them to hard sell during consultation, but my therapist said company's policy is not to mention packages and she kept strictly to that The room was well-prepared, clean, spacious and very soothing. Before each step of the treatment, she ould stop our chat and tell me what she was gonna do, then resume the chat. I loved the professionalism. I left a happy girl and actually wanted to sign up a bigger package as I have a voucher (came with the Groupon). I highly recommend Regina's - went to the branch at Clarke quay.

  14. Hi babe,

    can u email me at
    *for the price list?
    *and how many times u do for the lasting result for underarm? first time doing it so not really sure =x

  15. Hi , went to musee today for my consultation at PS branch . Was very unhappy with the service .. Brought my daughter along as there is no one to help me look after and since it's is just a consult so I think shld not be any problem as my daughter is not those run about and noise making kids , during the consult the consultant did try to cross sell us some products and we didn't take it as we want to try out the underarm first.. The moment she hear us not taking the package and is using vouchers that is purchased from online her face changed , and attitude changed also, it already make me unhappy but I just ignored. What make me angry is that when she wanted to say 'I hope children won't be ard when doing treatment ' she say 'I HATE ' and she quickly changed her statement .. Of course I won't bring my daughter when I'm hving my treatment and also when we were checking our appt time , my friend keep asking her to flip to the date ans check the timing , she flip the page till very unhappy like don't want to check like that .. I seriously hate her attitude

    1. OMG, I was juz about to go for consultation coming weekend..
      Since its sooooooooooo bad, perhaps I should reconsider...haix
      Tks for sharing =)

    2. Hi gals, y not try out Bare Aesthetics (The Hair Removal Specialist) @ Raffles Hotel #02-24 Tel: 68832295.

      No hard SELL!!!
      Using latest IPL machine, painless & fast treatment @ special prices!

      Unlimited underarm treatment @ $128 nett plus a 1 x bikini IPL treatment FOC!

      Refer a fren programme and get a small part for free for member.

      Morever now the promo for new customer will enjoy $100 off for 6 Lower leg + free 6 knee cap treatment @ $970 nett (usual $1498)

  16. OMG, luckily i goggle e review and found out the neagative remarks about musee. I was about to bought the deal from Phew, luckily i did not.

  17. same! i was just about to buy it at
    Has anyone tried regina's there is a groupon voucher but it costs $118. is it worth it?

    1. Hi gal, y not try out Bare Aesthetics (The Hair Removal Specialist) @ Raffles Hotel #02-24 Tel: 68832295.

      No hard SELL!!!
      Using latest IPL machine, painless & fast treatment @ special prices!

      Unlimited underarm treatment @ $128 nett plus a 1 x bikini IPL treatment FOC!

      Refer a fren programme and get a small part for free for member.

      Morever now the promo for new customer will enjoy $100 off for 6 Lower leg + 6 free knee cap treatment @ $970 nett (usual $1498)

    2. Hi Jeraldine, do u work for Bare Aesthetics?

  18. Don't trust Musee, after u paid, long booking time> 3 months for after 6pm session that take 3 her to finish the removal. Tricky promotion, no 'new member free once' IF u didn't show the introducer skip @the contract day, not valid for late submission but staff never remind u!

    1. is it really that bad? they are so many deals on going right now and there are so many people who purchased it.

  19. I went there today. The service is good. The consultant is friendly also.
    I think it is the branch that matter. If you go Millennium one, I think you will be satisfies with their services. I wrote about my experience in my blog. Take a look...

  20. I've been going to Musee Platinum at Millenia Walk under the $188 unlimited underarms package for two years, and I do have to say that it has been great so far! I haven't had any bad experiences with their service. In fact, there was once when I forgot about my appointment and missed it, and instead of terminating my package, they scheduled a new session within that week for me.

    I think the branch that you patronise matters. Millenia Walk's one has been perfect, and I'm thinking of signing a new package soon.

  21. Could you please send me the price list?

    Thankyou so much! :)

  22. those of u who had bad experiences, can u state which branch it was

  23. hi silver,
    I just went to musee parco for the first time for underarm removal yesterday, I am interested in their price list for the packages as I may want to do other parts of my body. Could you send it to me at please. thank you.

  24. i live in cck and wanted to go to causeway branch as it's near..
    but heard lots of bad comments for causeway branch.
    on the other hand, millenia walk branch seemed to be getting good comments.
    signed up for underarms package last year, and i should say that i'm loving that branch!!
    it may be far and lazy to travel to there (>_<)"
    but the service and all is good!!

  25. centerpoint service damn terrible!!!

  26. Oh boy.... i just bought their promo package through Groupon & booked for my first consultation appointment at the Bugis+ branch for next week. The feedback here is really worrying...

    1. Hi, how was the service at Bugis?? They having a promo at Groupon now....not sure if I should buy.

  27. There are some branches that are good. I went to the Centre point branch first and had to wait 1hour before our consultation actually started. They told us that they are really very busy there and asked my friend and I if we wanted to do our treatment at another branch instead. Of course, we changed, we really disliked the service at Centre point. The people there were rude and didn't know how to manage time.

    But once we changed over to Scotts Square. Everything changed. The service is great. The appointment is booked easily. The treatment takes a grand total of 5 minutes and I'm out of there. Everything is so comfortable. The branch matters. Don't go to Centre point.

  28. Anyone here from Malaysia? Would like to know the service there as well.

    1. Hi Shyre, u cant give it a try at The Curve. They do provide good service.. :)

  29. i would like to know as well....from Malaysia!

  30. can i have the price list too?
    pls email to
    thanks much

  31. can i have the price list too?
    my email:
    thanks much

  32. Hi everyone!

    Just to clarify, I do not work for Musee and do not have the latest price list. The only one I had was a picture that I had deleted because they did not want me to use it for the review. You can email Musee Platinum should you require their price list. Thanks!

  33. I went to The Curve outlet in Malaysia on last Sunday. the service there was good. i had good experience there. the staffs were polite and kept saying thank you to me for having the treatment there. Marie, the one who did the treatment to me was polite and talked & explain everything softly and told me every steps that she was about to do on my under arm.

    Im pretty satisfied with the service there so far. :) im not sure about the one at Farenheit88.

  34. I have also registered for the IPL underarms sessions at Bugis Branch, I don't think its bad, infact the staff was very friendly and helpful. I believe being the central point there are days they keep extremely busy, but if you express your concerns to them they would be glad to address your concerns. I would further post my comments if I'd come across any bad experiences. In the meantime if anyone of you who is not already a member needs my member id to get a complimentary free session at Musee platinum then let me know.

  35. Great review its always interesting to see other options thanks.. hair removal, microdermabrasion

  36. Musee is not doing IPL, they're doing something more advance call S.S.C which is Smooth Skin Control Hair Treatments. IPL hurts the top layer of skin, but S.S.C Hair removal is even less painful than IPL and is much cheaper.

    "Musee Platinum Tokyo's provides "S.S.C Hair Removal" which is the better effects, pain free hair removal solution than IPL laser hair removal or Brazilian wax removal."

    Resource link :

    I was surprise by how many people complain about the Singapore branch. Buy I'm glad that the Malaysia Curve branch I visit is properly trained and very friendly. :)

  37. Hi Silver,
    Can you introduction me become a member .

  38. Hi I have been a member of Regina for around 2 years now and have ended all my treatment packages. Did not do underarm so I wanted to sign up for Musee's underarm promotion for only $48 unlimited. (super attractive deal!). Luckily I decided to read some reviews about Musee first and looking at all these negative reviews (alot on their FB page also), Regina in comparison was really much better. 80% of their staff are Japanese and really very professional. Went for around 12 sessions and really no complaints at all. Looks like i will sign up for the pricier underarm package at Regina instead. :X

  39. Hi silver,
    can you email me the price list too..
    thank you.

  40. Hi, i went to musee platinum in west gate branch..I bought a Groupon offer for unlimited underarm SSC for $48… Im satisfied wif deir service.. Fast n swift..

  41. Hi dears,
    Same here, I bought a groupon cost $48 and went for 2nd underarm hair removal treatment at Westgate branch.
    The staff here are generally quite professional and attentive, similar to what the blogger described above. I do agree that the appointments on weekend or weekday after 6pm are usually full but I manage to get the appointment 2-3 months in advance. However, the consultant has already informed me that the 2-3 months are actually essential interval to allow proper hair growth from first treatment to second treatment. So once you go for the first appointment, remember MUST make appointment for the next visit and if you would like to change the appointment date, please do it as soon as you decided!
    As we all know, Westgate has becoming the next crowded area in the west side and no surprise that the branch will always be fully booked.

  42. Hihi, I'm a member also and would like to continue treatment as I have stop for a period of time. Appreciate if you can send me the latest price list to
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi! I do not have the price list anymore as it is from 4 years ago. You might want to call them to enquire. =)