Saturday, 10 July 2010

Reminiscing My Past Videos

For some reason, I went youtubing videos of myself taken years ago...

I burst out laughing. Hard.
Mainly because I was SOOOOO raw!!!! And fat la~
And couldn't really sing yet had the videos monumented on Youtube. -.-" Here's a really funny one made during Project Superstar days~


And then there's this competition clip which made me flip....

I guess I was really too raw...and weak in my stamina and singing. This was back in 2005.

Then came 2006....

一个人生活 by 林凡. Taken at Heeren. You know the central stage? Ya there.
I think I still sounded like crap here...

2007. This was at the Esplanade. I never got the chance to say this, but I got to thank my ex-manager,M5, as well as Angelsky for making this possible. I mean...getting to sing at Esplanade? Come on~~~ It IS something to me~

A slow song...don't fall asleep on me okay? Lol...

矜持 by Faye Wong - my cover

Then you have me doing weird stuff like recording home-videos and putting them here. You may have watched the latest one already. "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz -Silver's literally-home-made version~ Those who haven't seen it, it's at the sidebar. And yes, I sounded REALLY different, but it's me. ;)

I'm gonna sing at the Sgblogawards later~~~ hopefully I get a proper video recording that I can share with you guys. Then you can decide if not performing much these past 3 years has made my singing go downhill, or improved, or if I 走音 from Woodlands to Redhill okay? Haa!!!!

That SILVER Girl

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  1. Heard u perform at the omy blog award jz nw. Ur voice has improved a lot! Great singing