Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Preparing for the Blog Awards

I figured I shall put this up as a separate post so the SBA post won't be too ultra long.

1 day prior to the BIG event (it IS a big event for me, something which I know I earned to be a part of, and not because I got contacts), I went to get my hair done. The roots were a totally different colour from the rest of my hair, and the ends were so frizzy it always made me itch at the shoulders and insides of my elbows cos my hair was quite long so when I work on my laptop the ends will always tickle my arms. Noticed I used the word "was". Yup! My hair's loads shorter now! =)

I was actually blogging about this when I was at the salon, but the connectivity was atrocious and when I completed my post, I couldn't post it. -.-"

Yeah, I brought my netbook to the salon, because I thought instead of wasting time staring at myself and flipping through endless magazines, I could work on the netbook while I get my hair done. Productive hor? *proud of myself*

Know who is my hair sponsor?

Okay my hair's not done my Mr Shunji Matsuo himself, though I've seen him many times in the salon. My hair's usually cut and managed by this girl known as Evanda. You guys know the hairstyle I had for my birthday party? It's done by this guy called Comb. Also from Shunji. I absolutely love these guys. They're friendly as well, which is a major plus for me cos that means I have people to chat with when I'm not on my netbook or stoning. Lol~

 I know I look good already, but really, the roots and the ends could be dealt with.

My nose looks crooked ah? wth~

That's Evanda in the background. 

 A large chunk of my hair was choppd off. I think she took off 4 inches.

 I have NEVER had hair this light in colour before!

 Close-up. I suddenly looked 2 shades fairer, for some reason. The one on the right is the before. Quite different. Of course the picture taken for the "Before" picture is a better camera. Both colours are nice, just that now my hair looks more "fresh".

 Blow-dried to perfection.

 Yippee! Hair fixed. Thanks to the guys from Shunji Matsuo! 
At least I won't look like a messy dog at the awards.

p/s. Their website has been updating for the looooongest time. 
Here's their address and contact number -
Wellington Building #01-02
20 Bideford Road
Nearby Stations: Orchard, Somerset

Telephone 6238 1522


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  1. I like ur new hair colour! But sorry, not a fan of ur curls that night though :/