Monday, 12 July 2010


I am supposed to be writing about SBA 2010, yes, but I gotta rant this out before I can do that. ARGH~~~~


You know, I would have very much started writing on a great, happy note. If I hadn’t had such recurring misfortunes happening to me 2 nights ago such as losing my bike and box keys, together with the speedpass attached, and then spending the whole of the Sunday trying to find it (to no avail, so my poor bike’s still stuck in a particular carpark in town, with the handlebar locked), and then heading home and reaching the void deck only to discover that I’ve forgotten and left my house keys at my friend’s place so I’ve got to head to my friend’s place, take my house keys, and head back home again. Without my bike. Uuuurrrgggghhh~~~ Not exactly anything to be chirpy about. It didn’t help that within this same month, I had lost my mobile as well. (What IS wrong with me recently????)

For the clueless, the speedpass is this little device by Esso/Mobil which allows you to just scan it on the petrol kiosk and start pumping petrol, without the need to walk into the cashier to pay for your petrol. The amount simply gets deducted from your registered bank account. I have yet to call the company to report loss (so they can cancel that speedpass account, duh!) because the lines are not open on weekends. Most people find a bike key, they can’t really do much with it right? Since I’m sure I didn’t lose the keys anywhere near the bike and there’s no indication on the key of the bike plate number. So I’m most worried that some annoying ass has found the bunch of keys (most probably dropped on the floor) and taken the speedpass and thrown away the rest of the stuff. I pray it’s not the case.

Anyway, I got to go for an ice cream tasting now. Will come back and hopefully be in a better mood yeah? RAH~




  1. Damn.. unlucky man..

  2. Amy:

    I know!!! Talk about bad stuff happening together~

  3. Ranting about losing things...
    Me also hav bad experiences too...
    I lost working documents, which made mi ran around the workplace insanely.
    Then on one occasion, I even sprained my ankle

    On second thought, I guess its carelessness, which everyone will experienced. Just remind oneself to be more careful next time.

  4. Omg, hello Silver! When i came across Stomp and saw a video of you saying that you actually ride a bike, i was stunned!
    So unbelievable that a girl like you will even go take a bike license, good job man! Welcome to Biker Community! :D

    Btw, what bike are you riding, vespa? (Out of Curiosity!)

  5. Haha, i saw it in the previous post! damn cool can. I like the style man, not alot of girls willing to sacrifice the looks of that bike! Anw, have you tried installing only the side box, i think its kinda nice too !

  6. I don't know about that Samuel. I quite like the ability to manoeuvre my bike in between lanes in the event of a jam. I've seen bikes with side boxes get stuck because they can't squeeze between the cars. Of course, more storage compartments means I can shop without worrying about box space. Lol~

    Not in the cards anytime soon I guess~

  7. HAHA, "shop without worrying" . typical sentence but quite (Y)!

    Anw, ride safe lah okay! Ytr saw another horrifying accident, and today saw it on newspaper the rider passed away. Like zomg, waiting at trafficlight and got hit by Merc(hit-run), the next moment he don't even know how he ~ haiz. RIP Jackson Ng & Hello Kitty.

    Think you should consider installing sidebox in the future to prevent you from lanespilting! :D

  8. I hope that stupid Merc gets his karma. Maybe his daughter or son will get it. What the hell...Irresponsible rich snobs.

  9. 100% correct. Nowadays those rich snobs drive like they pay our roadtax. And their stupid mindset is "hit nvm lor, just claim my insurance, i'm too rich to bother" !
    ride safe ride safe okay! Expect the unexpected. So horrified after watch the videos in theory lesson today. Accident already still no car pulling over to assist the victim, only biker bother to stop and help D:

  10. U're taking your theory??? Jiayou!!!

  11. nah! i dont think need to take any theory test, just attend the lesson. Right now waiting for tp, damn one mth D:

    Anw, how you ride when you need to be in nice nice clothes uh ! You wearing normal first and after that tabao inside your box?

  12. I just wear a jacket over!!! =)