Thursday, 8 July 2010

Despicable Me - Movie Premiere

Thanks Omy Blog Club for giving me yet another pair of free movie invites!!! This time to catch:

This show didn't attract me at the beginning, when I first saw the trailer some months ago, reason being I VERY MUCH didn't like the annoying little (NOT) boy in the teaser trailer...

And I couldn't understand what the plot was about from this teaser. No hook-point.

Then I figured out the lead character must be the one in the poster. And he seemed like a bad guy. And weirdly out of proportion - he has a kiwibird nose, hunchback, and skinny legs which I will never have. Plus, I hate despicable people~ And also, because I'm lagging behind on so many reviews to do....

Then again, because Qiuting was going, I decided "Okay, I'll give this one a chance~" and added this one to my "To Do" list.

I have to say I didn't regret it one bit.

I haven't seen this trailer before, and honestly, I would have had more initial interest in the show had the theatres here play THIS trailer.

And guess who's the voice behind Gru, the kiwibird nose guy?

Steve Carrell!!!!!

Okay don't look at me like stupid. (I know that look, cos I also didn't know who he was until I googled him..WAHAHAHAHA~~~)

This is Steve. Familiar?

How about this?

The dumb guy always doing dumb things in "Get Smart"

Still no clue? Slap yourself. 

NOW do you remember him? ^.^
Yup! This funny guy is Gru!!!!!!!!!! UN-believable~

I know many people are crazy about the minions in the show.

These are the guys. Yup they're really cute. I love the fact that they have hair~ hahaha~ Like, a few strands. Like your boyfriend's chin, or some parts when you shave and they start growing out~ =P

OH! Just FYI (it's really trivia), minion is actually the French word for "small", and it was a type of small cannon used in the 16th and 17th century. But somehow it became a lightstick somewhere in the show. Which made me Laugh. Out. Loud.

But my favourite character's this little orphan girl called Agnes

The youngest orphan girl out of the three, and the most innocent and fearless. I love that~

The talented voice behind this cutesie little one is this girl called Elsie Fisher. She's got talent, I must say~

And I think she's very pretty too. I'm guessing if she keeps it up and doesn't go astray like most kids who made it too early have, she may well make it big in Hollywood 10 years down the road. Go girl!!!!

I know this review is slightly different from the usual movie reviews, but hey, I'm sure many invited bloggers that day have blogged about the story and how great it is and how it made them laugh and cry, so I thought maybe I'll put more focus on other stuff, like cast whom I like.

And I said I went because Qiu said she's going right? So OF COURSE we met up (for a really short short while) after the show!!!

I think my hair behaved well that well. =D
She was showing me her newly-self-blinged camera. And was ALL excited about it~ 
Sigh...I want a new camera too........

It's almost completed except the small lobang at the centre bottom. And those are her pretty pink nails. She's so pink that day~

 Super nice candid picture of us!!! Thanks Mr. Photographer!!! ;)

To Qiu: No girl, I don't think you look like a CAG (Cao Ah Gua).
To You Guys: Pretty hor, us?

Anyway Despicable Me's REALLY a great show. It made me believe that inside every villain, there is a good man. =D

Go catch it! It's out today already!

That Silver Girl

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