Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ad: Chicadale

Clothes for school, work and play~!!!

Some of my favourites~

This one's called "I'll Make Your Heart Flutter" (pink). I think it's cute, coming up with names for pieces.
And such clothes are great for people with 蝴蝶秀 - aka flabby arms~ Like me. =P

I love the slimming effect the back detailing offers~

2 items I wanna talk about here 
  1. The "Cropped Denim Jacket" - these things never fail to elongate a body. It also makes one look slimmer.
  2. The "Bandy Bandage Skirt". It's dual function!!! Skirt, AND tube top!!!!

 Lace detail on the sleeve

 I think the skirt/tube top's damn flattering~

Above items are from Collection 5. 

And oh!
They're having a SALE!!!!

I especially love these 2 sales items -

This "Honey Shirt Dress" can be worn 2 ways as well. Multi-style items are great value for money!!!

Pretty "Belted Work Dress"~ Comes with the black satin belt~

1 thing I like about this shop - they have this thing called Parcel Tracking. Whenever they mail out an item, they will post the invoice/backorder number on the Parcel Tracking page. So that you'll know they've mailed it out.

Thoughtful~ =D
Before the items run out (and many are), go check out Chicadale now!!!


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