Wednesday, 2 June 2010

ManHunt 2010 Singapore - The Summer Sunset Preview

You are in for a visual treat today~ (Not the same as the last post la~)

Today's entry is chock-ful of interesting videos, not my usual huge-ass chunkful of words (still have la! But lesser......)

Special thanks to Omy for inviting me to the event! See the thing about being a blogger is you get invited to interesting events all. the. time.

Left to Right: Holly Jean, Silver Ang, Ang Geck Geck
Picture courtesy of ClubSTomp

At the Summer Sunset Preview, jointly organized by The Heeren, and Punch! Events and Promotions LLP, us invited blogger babes were not only given the opportunity to see these hunks in person, we were given BEST VIEW SEATS in the front row~! Other than strutting their stuff (gngia lai gngia kur only ma...Alton also know how to gngia lai gngia kur...), they had one more challenge - Bar Flair!!!! These guys were given 2 hours' training by the professionals (including Bar Pro 2010 Singapore Champion Kenny Hong!!!!!!!!) before the Preview, and I gotta say, boys, you need more work. Bar Flairing is not about sending bottles flying in all directions, but about how you FLAIR them~~~

Kenny Hong.
I first noticed him when he was featured on one of those 10:30pm shows on either Channel 8/U. Can't remember which. The only thing I remembered was me thinking "Man, he's good..."
If I'm not wrong, he's 23 this year.

His list of achievements -
  • Bar Pro Flair Challenge 2010 (Singapore) - Champion
  • Roadhouse 2009 (Asia) - 6th
  • Bar Pro Flair Challenge 2009 (Asia) - 4th
  • SKYY Bartending Competition 2009 (Malaysia) - Champion
  • AFJ Flair Competition 2009 - Champion
  • Bacardi Martini Grand Prix 2008 (Italy Turin) - 12th
  • Bacardi Martini Grand Prix (Singapore) - Working Flair Champion (which is shown in the above video)
  • n the list goes on.......

His whole list is on his facebook account, should you be curious. More videos there as well. Competing around the world, that's what I call dedication. ^.^ He's won himself a fan, despite not being a hunk~

Kenny Hong at the National Cocktail Challenge 2009 (Flair Category).
Notice that he was using REAL liquor bottles, with liquor inside, not those dummy or empty bottles!!!

Kenny was one of the coaches for the boys on that night. And he was there to perform for us! (Before the guys, though, so bad news since the audience had VERY high expectations after watching Kenny.)

The Manhunt boys/men were far from Kenny's standard. Come on, Kenny didn't become SO GOOD overnight yeah? Mind you, we girls were in the FIRST ROW. I was secretly worried (though I kept a calm face) that Iwould kena some failed-flair air-strewn bottles and have them *gasp* land on my face or my boobs or something. But I have to give them credit for trying, even though they had only 2 hours of training and no choice~

No I don't have an obsession with Kasbani. It just so happened that my mum's camera likes him so much his pictures are the only ones that turned out not foggy / blur.

Xavier side profile. Ah~ Like that enough for me. Too besar saya tak suka la~ 
(Too big I don't like...) My melayu boleh? Hahahaha~~

Wah lao. I scared la~ All the neh nehs bigger than mine. 
QiuQiu, steer clear~~~




Who's YOUR favourite?


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