Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Birthday Party with Fabulous Food!

Hello!!! Thank you everyone!!! You've been kind this past week, and that guy? He's admitted his mistake and come to terms with it. We can't guarantee problem-free days from today on, as do all relationships, but we did have a good talk (albeit after shitloads of drama, but hey, maybe it has to happen for the understanding later on.) He's never rejected any pretty girl who dares try to hit on him, and he's acknowledged that he needs to learn how to. 知错已经是第一步,改不改得了得看他自己了。 Let's give him our encouragement, shall we? =)

As for myself, I've learnt to be nicer and kinder. Often than not, we take the people closest to us for granted. I'm guilty of it. So here I want to express my sincere apologies to him, and to my Mum. I know your daughter is one of the most stubborn out there, I know you mean well. I'll love myself better okay? As for any man who can take care of me better than you do, let time reveal him to you, whoever he may be.

Okay, time for the very overdue BIRTHDAY PARTY POST!!!!! (I'm gonna start on blogging about my travels as an aircrew, so actually this is really not so overdue la hor.)

 Getting ready before my guests arrive. The deft pair of hands belong to my hairstylist from my hair sponsor Shunji Matsuo! His name's Comb, by the way. So cool leh, Comb the hairstylist doing hair for Silver the star. Wahahahahaha~~~ Okay okay 不好笑....

But he's really good okay....

While I was busy dolling myself up, the caterer set up the food. And there was only 1 person setting up everything!!!! Like so cool can~

Orange Clove. My caterer for the night.
No la it's not free, but it was money well-spent~ The food was wiped out that night. ;)

I was so busy running around that it completely slipped my mind to take pictures of the finished set-up with all the food!!!!! =(

A simple fare (halal), nothing lavish, a cosy gathering for family, and friends I haven't met in years...
Many of my long-lost friends couldn't make it due to the short notice, but I hope there'll be a chance to do a gathering party like that again.

Those who didn't come missed out on the great food. I usually never expect much from catered food, but the menu from Orange Clove drew me. I chose them because I've invited my U.M.M.I crew, and Orange Clove is the halal branch of Neo Garden, the only caterer I grew up knowing.
What was left of the Tauhu Goreng when I remembered I needed to take pictures. Lol.

Tauhu Goreng gravy.

The Pacific Dory, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and (what's left of) the very delicious Spaghetti Aglio Olio. Not your usual beehoon fried rice~ ;)

Thai Red Curry Prawn leh!!! I forgot to buy bread. With curries, I ALWAYS love them with bread. But I forgot that day, and there was no way I could go get any by the time I remembered. 
*kick myself (again)*

I didn't get to try this, but judging by the fact that none of it was left, it was good as well. ;)

I absolutely have to rave about the Honeydew Sago. I had like 3 bowls!!!! Damn sedap man~~~

Let me introduce you to (some of) the people in my life, other than some of the main characters in my life, Alton, and family. *wink*

This is Sherine. We met during the SQ swimming round of interview. I love her candidness and ability to speak freely what's on her mind. It's probably one reason why we hit it off immediately and click so well, no pretense, just good company. She once spoke up fiercely for me when one tao nao pai SQ girl gossiped about me and said this to Sherine:
"You and Silver are friends? Huh, Sherine, 我开始怀疑你的人格了"
Sherine "我才怀疑你的人格,you haven't even flown with Silver, much less know her, and yet you are talking bad about her."
Before Sherine spoke up for me, she and Sherine were damn machi...after the incident, I think they didn't really talk much. Till now, I don't know who the girl is, and seriously, it doesn't matter, but at that moment, I knew this is one friend I can keep for life.
Zha bor!!! I love you!!!

That's Kaiwen on the left, and Elaine on the right. 
Kaiwen's my cousin, but we were both Secondary 1 and 2 classmates in Nanyang, and Elaine? All 3 of us took Japanese Language as our third language, and we were classmates in MOELC (Ministry of Education Language Centre). I didn't complete the course due to my then very busy CCA, and we hardly keep in contact, but I know we'll still be together when all 3 of us are lugging children around. =D

Another good friend of mine I met in SQ, Val Val. We've gone hiking in Italy before!!! (More on that when I post up my travels.) She's been through so much, and I'm really happy that she's found her happiness. Ed, make sure she feels loved, each and every single day, you hear me? 

Ahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Leon and his brother Garrett!!! Leon was the only Superstar who could make it that day. (Sad la!) I miss the Superstars. We were a bunch that was never shy to act stupid and have good fun and great laughs. We should get everyone to meet up soon, like not when it's someone's wedding. Lol. 
Leon's a property agent now, though he still does music part-time (thank god, we don't wanna waste that great voice). Anyone wanna buy and sell houses in like Bt Timah district can go look for him. He specialises in that area. =)

 A surprise delivery!!!! I know it looks kinda dead cos I took this picture after this bouquet's been sitting my room for 5 days. But who would send flowers??? *excited*

OMG~ I nearly laughed and cried when I saw this card. 
Both of them had to work that night so they couldn't come. I totally wasn't expecting this!!!!
Thank you loves!!!!

Tasha!!!!! That's my daughter in U.M.M.I!!! Her real name's Adlina Nadra, and the one behind her is her very pretty mother Kak Mira. I found out Kak Mira used to sell satay downstairs, and I used to always wait for the familiar sound of (her dad calling) "Saaaaattaaaaaaaaaaaayyy" and ask permission from Mummy to go down and get some. I love Satay. Lol. When she told me she used to sell satay here I remembered that I had actually chatted to her before about her great figure and how I thought she was only 19 or 20 but she already has 4 kids!!! Adlina is the 4th. Now she has 5, and she still looks as hot as ever. Gee, I'll be sure to consult her when I decide to have my own family. ^.^

The 气势蓬勃 woman in black. She's someone I can always count on to be there other than my family.
My 干妈!!!谢谢你一直借耳朵给我这个“烂人”。就是喜欢你处理事情的方法~

Joyce Stella. AKA -Admin on my facebook fanpage.
When I'm busy or not available, she helps me maintain the page and answer queries so you guys don't feel ignored. I really have to thank her for putting in the effort she has. 谢谢你JS!
Of course, with regards to updates from 本人, it will be sincerely from me to you. So don't worry that I will ask her to pretend to be me and help me update k? ;) 

My manager Shavy Goh!!!
I am who I am now, partly because of him. Without him, there probably wouldn't be Silver And in U.M.M.I, nor newspaper interviews, nor many other things. =)
So, if you want to engage me for events or want me in your tv and print ads, look for this guy k? He can be reached at
Should you need his number, email me yeah?
But if you just want to advertise on my blog, email me directly la. ;)

My closest-resemblance cousin. She looks almost exactly like me when I was her age!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how good this Mango-Yogurt Gelato cake is.
But I can tell you this - it's from Venezia. I used to work there, and the boss had this designed for me!!!
All those who didn't come that day, this would have to be the biggest thing you missed out on.

These are my cousins. We are like, the same generation you know? Our parents are either siblings or cousins, so they are my cousins, like 表妹s. They're all 6. It's like everyone decided 2004 was a good year to mate, reproduce and multiply...
Wah lao, 好明的话,这些都可以当我女儿了!!!! 天啊~~

I wish...
What, cannot say la~ Later don't come true how???
But you guys will know it's got to do with my career. ;)




  1. Hi Silver, great meeting you and Shavy yesterday, though we didn't really get to talk. All the best for your coming productions, and hope you continue to sing. :)

    Daniel aka BanBan

  2. Hi Silver!!

    Nice meeting u last night! I'm already missing that great chat we had!!
    Take care ya^^