Sunday, 2 May 2010


My new show, "U.M.M.I" will be out tomorrow. Am feeling slightly apprehensive over how viewers' responses will be. After all, it's in Malay, and seriously, though I try to learn it as much as I can these past few weeks while shooting the show, it's quite hard to master if you don't have someone to speak it with you. Also, it's my first time as a leading lady in a show, so the pressure to perform is there.

My past roles (in Ch8 or U), have been very minor roles, so minor that I can't even call myself a supporting cast.  An extra, more like it, with lines and with name. I'm thankful that I've never been cast as a calefare. Lol. Usually as one of the lead's friend, or sister, or something...The only supporting roles were I think in Dreamchasers 《梦。拼图》, and Your Hand in Mine 《想握你的手》.

The few productions I've been involved in -

Channel 8
  • 爱的掌门人 (as Fiona Xie's best friend)
  • 奇迹 (as Joanne Peh's good friend cum nurse-colleague)
  • 心华多多开2 (as Felicia's secondary schoolmate)
  • 五福到 (as Ah Ping, a village girl who teamed up with another villager to swindle Ah Fu's money)
  • 想握你的手 (as Dai Minxin, a fame-hungry young girl who would do anything to become famous)
Channel U
  • 梦。拼图 (as Kelly Poon's best friend cum room-mate)
  • 一切完美2 (as Dr Alex Tan - Thomas Ong's receptionist)
  • 魔幻视界 (as Irene - Quan Yifeng's assistant)
  • Timang (as Timothy Nga's Chinese ex-gf, so I didn't have to speak Melayu)
So this time, in a SURIA drama "U.M.M.I", I will be one of 3 lead characters! It's a breakthrough for me, cos it's said that if you get stuck playing extras and sidekicks for too long, you get branded as such and you can only dream about "making it there" with those who started out playing supporting and lead roles.

More about my character. I play Qistina, a young Chinese woman in her mid 20s. She married a Malay (Helmy, played by Junaidi Sali) when she was younger. Sadly, because of this, her father disowned her. Now their daughter Tasha is 9 years old, and she discovered Helmy was having an affair. She filed for divorce and fought for custody of Tasha. She got custody of her daughter but Helmy later wants to sell their house and this would render her and her daughter homeless...

Cannot say too much la later spoil the show... ;) But essentially this is a Mother's Day Special, so it's a drama about mothers and how great they are.

 This is my husband. 帅 hor? Lol. This is the only close-up picture I found of him la. He actually looks a lot better in real-life. So I'm glad Qistina has good taste. They say it's better to be cheated on by a handsome man than a fugly one. I couldn't agree more. At least dio pian also more worth it~

Here's a "wedding picture" with Helmy. You won't get to see this cos this picture was taken to be used as a prop in our "home". =D

Told you he's not bad-looking.


Airs tomorrow at 9:30pm on SURIA. Do watch and let me know how I fare? =D



  1. you were in the Xiang Wo Ni De Shou too! :)
    -Kevin Ong

  2. Thanks for that reminder!!!!! How could that have slipped my mind???

  3. landed into ur blog by accident just after watching ummi.. i can say ur malay sounds better than my chinese friend who grew up in a malay family.. and he never spoke mandarin before.. :) good job... :D

  4. nice to see a different new face at Suria,great acting...quite fluent in speaking Malay,looking foward to the next episode.

    btw you got a NEW fan!!!!

  5. Hi, I'm Zeah, I'm 11 but I don't act like one and I watch Your Hand In Mine and U.M.M.I. and I am a fan. LOVE your acting. I'm actualy Malay but I'm also a mixed of fair chinese and my mom is indian. So, I look more like a Nepali. Anyways, I just want to say that you are such a rolemodel, Keep It Up!

  6. Looking forward for you taking more lead roles, be it in Mandarin drama or Malay ones... it's good to be versatile... Good Job! Btw, your Malay are definitely quite an achievement despite having to learn in a short period. Another Kudos!

  7. Great job, love your acting in UMMI. You are just not only
    bless with talent but also your courage to take up the challenge.
    Hope you will be given more role in Suria.