Saturday, 8 May 2010


I can't remember the last time I ranted on my blog, so I'm going to do it now.

Am so freaking mad tired after I finished filming at 2am last night. Or rather, this morning. Then I went for makan and only managed to reach home at around 3:30? Case in point is, I had decided that I NEEDED to go to the bank early this morning cos any later and you'll have an insanely long queue which I'll have to stand and feel restless and keep shifting my feet left and right and look bored at the person in the other curve of the line who will be looking at me with the same expression in.

Bank opens at 8 right? So I thought, I'm so tired that if I sleep at 5am (what, don't need to shower and wait for hair to dry huh???), I DEFINITELY would not be able to wake up by 7:15 to crawl to the bus stop to get to the bank.

Plus Alton's ex-caretaker (I used to put him with my aunt's neighbour's family who would look after Alton when I'm away on consecutive stretches of long flights when I was flying) had told me they would come at 9am and to bring Alton out for an hour or two. So which means someone gotta be awake to open the door for them and SOMEONE has got to stay awake until Alton comes back so I can shower him right? Yes I HAVE to shower him after he comes back from wherever because he would have peed and stepped on his own pee, walked in grass and soil and pavements and stepped on god-knows-what, and he sometimes jumps on my bed to sleep with me. So showering is COMPULSORY after an outdoor romp.

So that would mean I gotta stay awake until possibly 11am. And I absolutely have to get to the bank before 8 to queue and get my banking done and return in time for them to come get Alton, right?

So I was super tired and sleepy and looked like this:


I dozed off at 7am.



You know that feeling right? I'm SURE most of you normal folks have experienced this. I say normal folks because there are some people who are SO disciplined and strict and controlled with their lives they never let anything go wrong with it. Not many. But there are some mad people like that.

Then Alton's caretaker came knocking on my door at 9:30 and woke me up.  Imagine my sian-ness when I woke and saw the time...that would mean I've to join the now sure-very-long queue and stand and feel restless and keep shifting my feet left and right and look bored at the person in the other curve of the line who will be looking at me with the same expression.

Except that I decided to play with my mobile phone game, which kept me occupied until I wanted to throw up. I get that when I stand and play mobile or DS or PSP games for too long. Nausea.

I queued for a good 1.5 hours. Then my ah gong called me and said we are going for our Mother's Day dinner TONIGHT. We have this thing about eating together as a family for whatever occasion - someone struck 4D la, whoever's Bday la, whoever's going holiday la, Mother's Day la, Father's Day la, and so on. And it's always at the same place. More on that another time. Wah lao just when I wanted to just stay in and sleep. I haven't even gone to get my Mummy her prezzie. I know what I'm getting her liao la, but I thought I could go get it tonight lor. KNS dinner tonight meant I've to get it before 7pm. DBT leh!!!!!

Anyway after the bank I headed home straight. I didn't even go and dabao my brunch despite being hungry cos I was feeling so nauseous from the game and so giddy from having not enough sleep and so grouchy because 1 more thing has been added to my itinerary for the day and it's making me all stressed because I want to sleep.  It was timely la cos just as I was boarding the bus the caretaker called. Which meant I didn't have to wait very long before I can bathe Alton and go zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzZZzzzzzzzZZZ........

It's like 5pm now. I woke at 3:30pm, and smacked my forehead. Because that would mean I need to get out STRAIGHT after this post, which is like now, to get my Mummy's prezzie.

Thanks for reading my pointless rant!!!!

You know I love you,
That Silver Girl.

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  1. Pointless rants that are as well-written as this one are a pleasure to read.

    Keep writing!!!