Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mario Mushroom

I started this post because this afternoon I had a strong inspiration to write about something.
Then when I got home, I forgot what it was. -.-" Been happening a lot you know....damn amnesia~

I can't remember so I shall just write. Verbal lao sai. Whatever flows....

Yesterday I went to get my hair colour touched-up, followed by a super-goodness hair treatment at Shunji. Halfway through my treatment, my manager said I looked like....

...the mushroom in Super Mario Bros.....
You know...the ones which you step on and you get points?
Oh...I miss that game...used to be THE game of my era man...wonder if kids these days play Mario.... I know the new one on Wii is like 3D and you can run in all directions, not just forward and back....been meaning to go buy it and play...reminiscence~~~

Yah yah yah....I tend to develop zits on my face before big days before Star Awards... -.-"
And yes...this is without makeup.... (I can't believe I've been posting makeup-less pictures and photoshop somemore...cannot cannot....if this goes on I'll never get nice endorsements for good facial products....*delusional....*)

I went to my Aunt's baby shower on Sunday~ And I tell you...babies are so cute...especially when they're doing anything but crying or peeing on you or shitting in their diapers....


Okok....I suddenly remember what I wanted to write about...something riding-related. (Yes, I hear you Jos...that "Finally~!!!!" haha~) post is going to be a good one....*excited thinking about it*


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  1. If you can look that beautiful without makeup while wearing a giant mushroom on your head, those companies would be crazy not to hire you.

    Just imagine what you would look like using their products! (Not sure a woman can look better though...)