Monday, 19 April 2010

The Husher - follow up

Some days ago I posted a review on the Husher, meant to control doggy's barking. Well, I took Size 4A, and it was too long for Alton, though the snout fitted nicely. In the end I had to cut the Husher to make it shorter to fit Alton's shorter snout. For Shih Tzus, forget about using this cos their face is almost flat.

Alton wearing the Husher. He's getting used to wearing it now. When I first put it on for him, he kept struggling to pull it off his face, which made me super xim tia when I saw him doing it.

Notice how his mouth can still open? That was what the Husher promised, so the dog can still breathe, pant, eat and drink while wearing it. When they bark, they need to open their mouths wider, and that's where this thing works. It supposedly exerts a pressure around the snout so the dog gets tired after barking a few barks. This is a training tool, so don't expect it to magically work overnight. I put this on him whenever he barks for no good reason, for about a good 15 minutes. If he stays quiet, I remove it.So hopefully, after a while, he'll associate barking with having this on, which may discourage him from barking unnecessarily.

Alton: Mummy....can take it off now....? I won't bark anymore.... 
(Me: Bluff.)

I didn't even bark, Mummy just put this on me because she wanted to show you how I look when I have it on...*grumbles*

 (Resigned to his fate...) Muahahahaha!!!!

Happy once I removed the Husher...brought me his Veggie to play~ Hahaha~~~


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  1. hi silver,

    I would like to buy the husher, went to petlovers but they don't carry it.

    May i know where u bought your husher from?