Monday, 12 April 2010

Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark

Anybody has problems with their dog nuisance-barking the hell out of their family members at night? These past few months, Alton has been barking A LOT at night... He doesn't really bark when he sleeps with me, but when he sleeps in the living room, I tell you... My place is one of those HDB flats with long corridors, and I have frosted windows, so whenever anyone walks past, or shuffles their feet when they do walk past (damn these lazy walkers...I HATE people who can't lift their legs to walk properly!!!!!), he'll bark damn bloody loudly. And his bark, they scare the shit out of you, especially when you're sleeping peacefully in the dead quiet of the night. 我每次都会被它的叫声吓醒的咯!Sometimes Mummy gets so pissed off she wakes up and hits him (or would attempt to, because the sight of her usually sends him scurrying to hide under the sofa).

Then because I haven't been coming home very early these few months because I hang out with Joel a lot at his place playing games or just chilling, Alton has been sleeping in the living room (Mummy has this thing against the dog in her bedroom) and barking every 2 hours and waking the household up thus making them sleep-deprived and grouchy which leads to me getting scolded. Okay so maybe to him, he was just being protective of the house, but really, barking, when anybody walks past or at the slightest noise, can be damn annoying... I mean, I don't care if he does that to scare off intruders in the day when he's alone at home, but my family needs to sleep at night man....

I bought this Husher thingy for him at a pet store, supposed trains the dog to curb unnecessary barking.

It is made from stretchable elastic, with webbing around the elastic to limit the expansion of the dog's snout. The elastic exerts a firm yet humane pressure around the snout, similar to that applied by a canine pack leader to maintain dominance. When pressure is applied around their snout, the controlled expansion of the Husher tires the muscles very easily. After a few short barks, dogs find it easier and less tiresome not to exhibit nuisance behaviour. The pressure applied still allows the dog to breathe, pant, eat and drink with ease.
Well, for Alton, it does stop him from barking...his barks come out all high pitched and weird, and he stops after 2 barks. BUT, when he has it on, he just stands there. Doesn't want to move, or walk, let alone drink. And personally, if I were him, I'd feel damn gao-eh wearing on my face. Show you guys his picture of him wearing it tmr.

Sooooo.....I went to ebay and searched for this thing called the Anti-bark collar. I've seen it years back in a pet shop but there have been controversies about this product so I can't really find it anymore. It emits a tiny shock whenever the dog barks, so it trains the dog not to bark for no damn reason. I found other products along with it, one of it being the Ultrasound Anti-bark collar. It's triggered off by the vibrations in the neck when the dog barks, which I think is great, cos the other ones are triggered off by sound, so imagine if it's another dog barking loudly beside Alton, Alton will 冤枉-ly get shocked for no reason!!!! Plus it's ultrasound instead of shock. Product will arrive in a couple of days. Let you guys know if it works k?



  1. let me know k.. my dog also bark like crazy... and the mask thing doesn't help at all... same reaction as ur alton.

    Nicole Leow

  2. My dog barks all the time if left alone at home and when strangers walk past our door! Have also thought of the anti-collar thing. Looking forward to your review!

  3. Don't think it's a good idea to mute ur dog.. Might have counter effects!
    Please re-consider ur decision?
    Hope alton's gg t b a good boy thou!