Saturday, 3 April 2010


NEW BLOG HEADER!!!! Nice or not?!!!

Special thanks to Daniel Tan for the amazing picture. We did this shoot about a month back, and we REALLY captured some wonderful pictures I never knew I could be capable of coming up with. Here are a few of the shots -


Those interested to get him to do your personal photoshoot can email me! I can ask him to give you better rates! =D

I woke at 7 wanting to do a new post. In the end I spent 1.5 hours french-manicuring my nails, and another 1.5 hours adjusting the template so I could put up the new (very artistic) blog banner because I got tired of seeing the washed out purplish me on my old one...

And I realized something while I was doing the adjustments - I had forgotten completely my javascript knowledge which I was such a pro in when I was a 13-year-old. Omg! It's been 10 over years! Saying that makes me feel better already..wahahaha!!! Eh who remembers such knowledge from 10 over years ago sia...especially if one hasn't been using it.

Then IT was the IN thing Mummy had enrolled me in a computer school to learn all there was about the hardware and software...Eh I completed Visual C++ with a DISTINCTION okay (when I was 13!!!)~ Don't play play hor! For those who have zero idea what I'm talking about, it's okay. I forgot everything already...WHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~

Okay, my point was, I forgot my html knowledge to such an extent that I had NO idea how to shift the alignment of the sidebar, main body, and how to align my picture such that it sits within the header border. -.-"

So the past 2 hours have been loads of trial and error, editing the numbers one by one and previewing each change I made so I know what that particular line I changed was for. It didn't help that each time I opened the preview page, it took like 30 seconds to load. So you can imagine how long it took just to edit this template.

Anyway, I'm pak jiao already from staring at the screen for so long. Will be back later! ;)


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