Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ad: Loves Coach

This should appeal to you girls out there....

Don't get too excited okay?

 Familiar with this logo?

How about this?

Yup, I'm here to bring you great lobangs again!!! This time from...

LovesCoach is based in the US. HOWEVER!!!! They have a partner in Singapore who will deliver the goods PERSONALLY to your house upon successful payment!!! So your items don't get smashed or lost or broken somehow in the mail. How cool is that?

PLUS!!!! ALL PRICES LISTED ARE NETT, INCLUSIVE OF PERSONAL DELIVERY TO YOUR HOUSE/STATED ADDRESS FROM USA~~_ And should there be lost items during shipment, LovesCoach assumes all responsibility and full refund/replacement will be made.


Eh, considering how Coach and Kate Spade is so bloody expensive in Singapore (It's true!!!! I remember when I was flying, I saw how much cheaper Coach and Kate Spade is there!!! Some cost like just 50-60% of the price listed in the Singapore stores!) Also also also! They get their stuff from the Coach/Kate Spade factory outlet stores (NOT reject goods!), like loads (maybe around 30-70%) cheaper than the stores IN THE STATES, cheaper than the ones I saw in the stores!!! 不买白不买啦~~~

All items are 100% AUTHENTIC and BRAND NEW with tag, authenticity card and gift receipt. Dust bags, as well as the Coach paper bag or gift box, will also be given to you if it's available! *prays they have it*

p/s. At point of delivery, if you choose not to have the gift box/paper bag, you get $2 off cash on-the-spot!

Okay okay, let me give you a glimpse of what they have~~~
Madison Op Art Sateen Wristlet #43262

COACH Amanda Satin Large Wristlet #43402

 Waverly Wristlet #43627


They have it in pink too!!!
Kate Spade Carmel Eddie

London Sampson

Okay now's a list of MY favourites ;) Eh I find nice things must share ma~ So you don't have to browse so hard...man, I'm so considerate~ =D


 They have it in white as well. I think this one would suit a working executive very well.

This comes in pink, though I prefer the white version ;)

Coach Floral Bleecker Signature Purse
Something mummies are going to love~
Coach Basic Nylon Henry Baby Bag

 Kate Spade Kate Coal Baby Diaper Bag Tote
Perfect as a baby shower gift!
Coach NWT Khaki Horse & Carriage Pleated Tote #14629

I just luurve the horse and carriage series. So old English~
Coach Tattersall Graffiti Large Tote #13187
The inside
Notice I love big bags...You know us girls, gotta bring like a shitload of stuff other than our phones, thick (but nice) wallets and keys, like our makeup pouch la, a book/magazine la, umbrella la, water bottle la (most of us don't already, I know...) Heck, I even bring a pair of slippers out in case my heels start killing me, or in case there is the unfortunate event of wet weather. So...big bags rawks man!!! They can even hold some of your shopping so you don't have to carry the ugly red plastic bags~~~ You know what I mean =D

I love wristlets too. Handy for going downstairs or nearby for makan and never looks out of place when paired with T-shirts and shorts.
Poppy Signature Wristlet #42885

Poppy Graffiti Wristlet #43510

They have like a whole load of stuff, including men's wallets (so you can get something for your dad or your guy while shopping for yourself~), so hop over to LovesCoach to check them out now!!!


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