Sunday, 4 April 2010

Ad: Haute Urban Spree

Hands up! Women here who LUUURRRRVEEE shoes!!! *raises my own*

How about nice shoes which are *gasp* inexpensive???

I'm an avid fan of pretty shoes, and it's so hard to get a nice pair (that lasts) which costs below $50 these days.

Until I found HauteUrban's Spree.
Instead of your usual blogsite selling clothes, this one focuses on shoes, so you have that perfect pair to go with that nice toga dress/body-con dress/high-waist pants/bubble dress/jeans.

Here are the stuff they offer:
I love these things. Don't worry about the other style-less Singaporeans who will give you weird looks when you wear boots, cos they make your legs look longer, hide fat calves, and for some, you don't even have to worry about the rain and puddles! You can even run in a good pair without worrying that it may come off or that the ankle straps may snap. Word of advice though: Wear stockings or those $1-pasar-malam short stocking socks to prevent that icky sweaty feeling. And oh, newspapers work wonders for absorbing odour, should your shoes stink. =D

Most of us aren't blessed with legs that go on forever and ever, so thank god the platform heels are all the rage now... and they've got them covered!!!

They also have wedges! These are great cos you don't have to worry about getting your heels sunken into soil or stuck in drain guttters!

Walk EVERYWHERE in them. Need I say more about flats? =)

They do sprees very often, and new items will be added whenever a new spree is open, so check on them every now and to add to your collection of pretty shoes!

Some of my favourites in the current on-going spree.

As you can see, they carry a wide range of shoes which can take you from the office, to shopping, to the girlies' gathering and to the club.

If you often find yourself searching high and low for shoes that you can't wear, or just dying for that lovely pair of shoes that does not come in your size....go to now!!!

They have shoe sizes from 34 to 48??? WHOA!!!!!!

I know people like my aunt and Mummy will love to know this!!! They've got like tiny size 34 feet which makes it very difficult for them to get nice shoes!

They also have a PG MALL spree which is almost always open.
Some stuff available in their PG MALL spree:

 Ranging from sweet....

To classy....

To purely utilitarian...

Bags and shoes...every girl's essentials...

p/s. Do note that these are sprees/pre-orders and all the items will take 2 weeks (or shorter) to arrive.

Oh! They're looking for models! If you're above 18 and photogenic and has a nice pair of legs and can pose, do check this out! Oh yes, you must be female too. Boys and "姐妹们", don't try...


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