Thursday, 18 March 2010

What's Going On?

Okay, now that the saga is over, I can finally get back to normal blogging. I was starting to dread blogging for awhile. I like blogging as and when I got something to share with you guys, you know? And not when I have ppl chasing me for stories. SOOOOOO~ Here I am, back to my incessant verbal diarrhoea, random thoughts, and maybe....just maybe....another hilarious picture (refer to The Brazilian or Cinema Etiquette).

Yesterday was the final episode of "The Illusionist", and I saw the small part that I played. An hour before that, 《五福到》 aired its maiden episode on  Channel 8, and I saw me too! I thought it was going to be another later episode so it was completely unexpected. Joel was having a high fever last night (at 39 degrees celcius omg~), so I was just there making sure he took his paracetamol and because he was sleeping the entire time, I was left with nothing to do except watch TV from like 8 to 11pm, something which I haven't done in months. So it was a pleasant surprise that I was actually on TV on 2 prime slots, different channels. =D

Yesterday I also did an interview with The New Paper. So look out for me these 2 days k? ;)

AND AND AND!!!!! OMG this part I'm so excited to tell you guys, but most of you would have already known from my tweets... I passed my TP on Monday!!!! *hops hops hops* You can call me BIKER CHICK already leh!!! Aiseh~~~ WAAHAHAHAHA~ This weekend I'm most probably gonna go see bikes and VERY SOON!!! I WILL BE MOBILE AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Can't begin to tell you how pleased with myself I am right now. First time pass you know? I am a girl you know? Who says girls can't handle bikes? And for those who are contemplating whether to learn cos the bike is heavy, you'll live. ;) The driving centre bike is a Honda CB125.

If you're really really worried, cos you're too small/short/skinny, they do have low-cut bikes. These bikes have lower cut cushions so your legs don't hang in the air. Mine do, by the way, because I felt that normal cut bikes gives me better control. With the low-cuts, I always felt that I sank in. Just felt weird. I'm 1.61m by the way. Not very tall, if this is any consolation to the girls. If you're like REALLY small, like 1.5ish, they have the Sonic Gear bikes.

I can't find any pictures of anyone standing next to it so you can't see how short it is. But it is a much smaller bike as compared to the CB125, I assure you.

Anyway, my point here is, as long as you're a normal healthy girl who isn't like, below 1.5, chances are you'll find no problems learning how to ride. When you do pass, you can get a Fino, which is damn light (so light I found it TOO light for me) and quite short.

NEXT! (See la this is what happens when you don't work online for some time - all my updates get squeezed into one post.)

I got my next project! As one of the leading ladies in a Suria drama!!! How cool is that? I'm now trying to learn how to speak Bahasa Melayu, as the script will be in Melayu, which is a big challenge for me. Might as well, since I've been putting away learning the language. This makes for a very good chance to start picking it up! Who knows, maybe next time you'll see me in Channel 8, Channel U, Suria and Channel 5 leh~~ Woot!

I'm getting nauseous from lying on my tummy for too long (to blog), so I'm gonna take a break and flip myself over and lie down and watch TV. Got something to write about for my next post already (regarding a particular interview this coming Saturday), but I'll do that tmr.



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