Thursday, 4 March 2010


Part 5 was supposed to come out, but I'm in the midst of consolidating my smses and making sure I get the dates right? (And apparently I have some dates missing so I need some time digging out sources). So PLEASE be patient while I do so okay? I assure you I have written 70% of it already, and it's sitting solemnly in my drafts list.

Alright, now for some life updates.

I passed my Class 2B final stage 8.01!!!!! After 3 tries man. Kept doing stupid things like forgetting to off signal and stuff. Dumb right? But at last I passed. My TP is SOON. Pray for me yeah?

I brought my laptop and portable hard disk to SONY today. And they told me fixing the laptop flap/screen will cost me about $500ish cos they need to replace the whole flap. And that my portable hard disk can't be fixed cos apparently they don't carry this product in Singapore (they asked me if I got it from HK, but it was a gift so I wouldn't know), and they asked me to bring it to Samsung (cos when I opened the portable hard disk case, what it houses was not a SONY hard disk, but a Samsung one). Grrrr....I hate wasted trips. Wouldn't complain so much if town was 10 minutes away, and doesn't involve ERP and heavy traffic (I rented my friend's car for 2 weeks).

I watched a video clip by Ris Low which left me stunned and speechless.

Safe Sex With Ris Low from clicknetwork on Vimeo.

Right...okay...I shall NOT comment about the condom that flew away, and her technique of removing condoms which will SURELY make you kena some sperm...or her throwing the condom away "somewhere"...

Give me a moment to recompose myself after watching the clip..



I signed up at Jitterbugs~!!!! Was contemplating between them and Studio Wu, but Studio Wu is at SMU (far and the classes are probably congested with students, and I don't like big classes) and Eastpoint (bloody far, and I was with them once, student-packed). Jitterbugs is at Cathay, and I quite like the crowd there, so yup, I should be happily tip-tapping away again after sooooooooooooooo many years!!!! I started dancing when I was 9, all the way till I was 20. Then PSS came and SQ came and my schedule's haywire and I couldn't go anymore so I stopped. It's like you're reunited with your first love, which you got separated from, but still feel so passionately about. I'm nuts over dance flicks like "Honey" (FYI, I fell in love with Jessica Alba because she can dance~), "Dirty Dancing", "Step Up" (*scream!!!!*), "Shall We Dance?" get the picture...

I just realized I've booked a Circuit Revision for 8am later (why the hell did I do that for???) and am having trouble selling it off. So I'm gonna sleep now. Sorry I've no nice pictures to show you guys cos I lent my camera to my uncle for his Korea trip for CNY, and god knows why I didn't remember to take pictures with my very good camera-phone.

Next time~ Nite peeps~

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  1. I seriously can't stand Ris Low.... -_-" don't understand why she is still making a fool out of herself...