Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Girlfriend - The YAMAHA R15

I bet many of you are waiting for this....

Get ready....

HAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! Okok...that was anti-climax...
My point looks just like any other bike from the back....with a box...
I said I'll put a box and I did, cos this is a functional bike, not a bai swee one, meaning I can go shopping, dabao mee rebus, and leave my nice miu mius and LVs in there while I ride. You know, most girls' handbags DO NOT come with slings, and you cannot expect me to giap my bag while I ride ya? Damn ugly...

I had wanted to ride to portsdown (it's this nice little hideout of mine near buona vista...rustic-charm-loaded...) to take nice pictures instead of stopping outside this utility room downstairs, but I couldn't wait to show you guys my lovely! Promise I'll take her out cam-whoring, THEN show you nice pictures again some time later, alright?

So here are the close-ups!

My new best friend~

Let's look at her in another light~

Wooo....fierce...I like~~~

Brought to you by Yamaha...

Yamaha's logo. Those of you who play the violin or piano or some other musical instrument will be familiar with the logo. Yes, the same Yamaha.... I only found out like, less than 2 weeks ago.

The speedometer is digital!!! This was a nice surprise as I didn't know this when I bought the bike!

My IU!!! With white carbon sticker. I'm gonna bling it soon man!!!

Another back view...more chio right?

Here comes her frontal....

Okay that sounded obscene.....
Never mind....


I admit it does look chio-er without the box. But hey, practicality rules here. Plus, really, a nice bike is a nice bike. Even with a box, it doesn't hurt its outlook much. =D


Okay....till next time!!!



  1. ride carefully k m'dear?


  2. Yes m'dear... =)

    Jos: kk...gotta wait la...

  3. OH so tats your ride, sports bike are the popular choices. Check out my current ride Its a low height scrambler

  4. Hey sis what's the model of your Givi box. Am thinking of putting 1 too... how much did it cost?

  5. Victor>> Givi Monolock. I'll go back Singapore and check and let you know here okay? Do come check to see. It cost me $190.

    1. Hello sis, ur bike is R15 V1 right? Does ur rack been modified? I am looking for R15 V2 rack, but many shops told me that I need modification... :(

  6. Cool! Just got the same bike not too long ago! How bout posting more with pictures of the bike these days?

  7. Hey want ride together with me? I ride a spark hehe