Sunday, 3 January 2010


It's 2010!!!!!

Finally, a new year, new job, got refreshed after a great but exhausting yet fruitful holiday, new clothes (from HK), new shoes *squeals* (from HK), new calendar (I got new Lillian Too's feng shui calendar for 2010 to ensure that EVERYDAY goes as smoothly as possible for me!!!), new WONDERFUL beginning for me as I embark on a new career!!! (Don't ask why am I so ecstatic and full of zest and skippy, you'll find out in due course... )


It's great when you feel new again, you know? I have been sick and unwell the past 2 weeks, with a bloody nose which keeps forming scab in my nosrils and which irritates me big time cos I can't pluck it out in public, bad backaches, fever that's coming and going but refuses to actually come or go...and exhaustion because I have been running around and waking up early in HK EVERY DAY I was there, but other than those, I've been telling myself that 2010 shall be a happy year for me, yes? 2009 was too depressing. (It was la! For those who know me, you know...and I thank you for being there. *loves!*)

I know you must be dying to see my HK pics! I'm in the midst of arranging them properly so I can post them up! Hang on okay! You will get the first of the pics by tmr! I swear~! Meanwhile.....

Enjoy the last of the season's holidays and savour the long weekend before it's gone!

Loads of Love and Hugs,

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  1. Gosh. I know this sounds a lil freaky but I assure you it's not. I sent you a 1000-word email (yes, you read that right) about two weeks ago to your above gmail addy. Then I just read your dec 5th entry on "imposters" and realised that you have ceased to read and check the mail box. DOH! I'm not on facebook and I think the only way I can get your attention is through here. Is there any way you can check that mail box again? Please. Or do you prefer that I leave my email addy here? (i'm just worried about imposters lol)