Saturday, 14 November 2009

I Want A Car!!!!!

Ok this is not mine of course... I rented this when I was in LA.
A Ford Mustang~~~ So chio~~~

So chio that I MUST take a super poser picture with it


You know I've stopped flying right? AND that means I'm not getting any fixed income now....means I'm poor. WHICH has me resorting to going back to student life...taking trains n buses wherever I go. And that is damn inconvenient where I stay (Woodlands)

HOWEVER, I used to just go to places not so far from Woodlands like Causeway Point, school (which was Nanyang in Bt Timah and SP right at Dover MRT), Lot 1, Westmall or anywhere which does not take me more than 1 hour to reach.And that was when the MRT wasn't this crowded.

Now, I work at Wawa Pictures (located at Chang Charn Rd, off Hoy Fatt Rd, which is about 500 m walk from Redhill MRT) which, for ur knowledge, is like 1hr-ish MRT-ride, or 1hr20min bus 961 ride, away from my place.

The other place where I report to work now is at Mediacorp, which is 2 bus changes away...that amount to appx 68 min, if you're curious. If you've been to Mediacorp, you'll know it's like, up the hill. (Hence the name Caldecott HILL) And bus stops and MRT stations aren't exactly amenities anywhere it. *sulks*

I have been a driver since I was 18, and because of some stupid unfortunate stuff that happened, I am left car-less. AND because I don't have a fixed income (I haven't gotten my first paycheck since I quit in September), I am not exactly comfortable taking a cab everywhere I go, though it cuts my travelling time to only 30min, to ANYWHERE.

And for those who do take public transport, please look at the state of our MRTs. By this I don't mean that it is bad or smelly or slow or anything. No, SMRT, you guys are doing a great job by upping the frequency in which MRTs arrive and keeping everything nice and clean. I'm a fan of the FB group "I don't like to SQUEEZE on the MRT". You know what I'm driving at. I don't get it. The government is asking us to breed, meaning we aren't breeding enough, right? Supposing every couple only has 1 child, this should mean the population is dropping. Also, with the upped MRT frequency, I don't understand why I can hardly get a seat on the MRT as compared to 10 years ago!!!!  Got so many foreign workers meh??? (Ok, maybe got. They're infiltrating our society and slowly taking over....argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my MRT seats!!!!!!)

Hence, if I can, I will always prefer taking the bus (cos there are seats!!! DUH!!!!!!) even though it takes me twice the time to get home. Plus, I get to see scenery~!!! (don't laugh at me.)

HOWEVER!!!! If I become big, like really really big (Talking about work, NOT SIZE!!!!), the first thing I will do, is to get myself a car. Best if I somehow get a 5-figure sum (or more) from my work, or somewhere as long as it's not some insurance compensation (CHOI!!!!!!! DAIGALAISI PUI PUI PUI!!!). White mini-cooper or Volkswagen beetle convertible, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 You'll understand why I want either of these 2 very soon....

Curious, huh?

Oh man...the new 2009 Barbie Volkswagen Convertible...lusts....I so want to rape it man....

Even the interior makes me high~

Ok maybe that was too much....

This one?

Then maybe I will be less grouchy, sleep more, be happier, late less often, not so messy cos I will not need to walk to the train station in the hot afternoon which WILL cause me to sweat, my makeup to melt and my clothes to stink from perspiration (someone told me long ago that humans, esp girls, should use the word PERSPIRE and not SWEAT..that only pigs SWEAT...forgot who that person is...but anyway, that information kinda stuck). I will smile more and be pretty (-ier).

I so want to get a much....

Money money money...


  1. Did you rent that mustang from Hertz in Torrance? That looks like the carpark outside Marriott. I think the car is still there.

  2. OMG you know!!!! Haha!!! Yes I rented it in Hertz in Torrance. Kinda miss that kinda life. I don't miss the culture and the kena-bitched--all-the-time-by-people-who-pretend-to-be-nice-to-you lifestyle la. I miss the freedom of going anywhere I like, anytime, without the stress of Mummy telling me I should be home everyday...

  3. I know and totally understand how you feel. And I am doing still doing it after 8 years... Sigh... But its different for me :) Did you ever fly the 345? Coz it sounded like you went to the states a lot.

  4. Not really, I was a London-Sydney crew. Lol. A380/744!

  5. Same with me! I used to have my own car five years ago, but I had to sell it because we were kinda broke that time. Now that my finances are okay, I'm hoping to buy a new car by the end of the year.

  6. That Barbie VW Convertible is indeed a hot item. I remember my 18-year old niece as she tried to convince her dad to change her current car with a new VW convertible. Haha! I think she and her dad had a deal. Good grades in exchange of this lovely car. :p

    Carson Wininger