Saturday, 28 November 2009

I Am So Cool!!!!!

I don't mean to make you guys barf or anything, but I officially think I am so cool after being whiny and all for the past week.

Guess what made me think so? DON'T JUDGE ME, ok?

I am practically glowing~~~ woot!

And I am feeling so good I shall give my Harrods Teddy a big kiss!

I went to my alma mater....
No my driving licence did NOT get revoked or anything drastic like that. N I don't have a driving instructor boyfriend or anything.
Which only means one thing.....

You guessed it! I went to enroll for Class 2B Riding Licence Course!!!!
For the uninitiated, Class 2B = Motorbike Licence!!!!
I already own a Class 3 Driving Licence, but hey~ since I don't really own a car now and cars are waaaaaaaayyyyy more expensive and I REALLY want to pick up a new skill, why not?

Okokokokokok before you kind-hearted souls start nagging about the dangers of riding, please do note that I am a smart and intelligent 24-year-old who KNOWS it already that's why I went to take a DRIVING LICENCE when I was 18 and not a riding licence. I am learning riding purely as a skill for transporting myself around (cheaply, cos taxis are killing my wallet fatness, and the only fat I want to get rid of are those under my skin which are NOT around my boobs) and not for the purpose of racing. Yes there are kuku drivers and I'm sure you've heard that everyone who is a rider will have at least one motorbike accident.

BUT, can you just be encouraging and let me learn, if not just get out of this blog now? Pretty please?

Okay. Allow me to get excited!!!!!

Heh heh....this book belongs to Silver Ang, class 2B.... ;)
I feel like a student again!!! Yay!!!!

MOTORCYCLE practical training handbook!!! MOTORCYCLE LEH!!!

I feel so sookoo....but I DON'T CARE!!!
How many female riders do you know anyway, huh?



How many local female artistes / actresses you know ride?? Hmmmmm????

(I have a motive.....tsk tsk tsk tsk..........)

I know I am obsessed.

Silver Ang's very own riding enrollment kit!

What's this?

Ha! Cute eh? You mean we wear this and ride?

*skeptical eyebrow-lifted face*

Upon further reading of the MOTORCYCLE training handbook....
(I know, I purposely CAPPED the word~~~no pun intended)
I found out it's a helmet liner!
You see, a PSB-approved helmet is compulsory when you attend the practical lessons, and they understand that students may not have our own helmets, so they provide helmets. THEN, due to hygiene reasons, because EVERYONE, with/without dandruff / hair lice / oily head / smelly hair wears them, they give each trainee a helmet liner to put on before you slot the possibly smelly/oily/lice-infested school-helmet on your innocent pretty head.

I think I shall get my own helmet.

I know you can't see very clearly here, but for once I have a very pretty picture on a card!
(Other than my US Visa which is damn chio, all my other pictures are so-so that I mean they make me look fat....)

So pweeeedeeee....

Soon you may see me like this....

Sibei chio!!!! Weeee-uuuuu---weeeeettt!!!!

I know! I am soooo cool right???
*flicks hair, goes away to book her riding lessons online*


  1. LOLx.
    Long time no contact le. But anyhow, jiayou for your riding test!
    haha. =D

  2. Enjoying reading this, keep your wrist down, eyes up, be careful, mostly have Fun!!!

  3. Jade Seah rides and I think she is so dman chio!

  4. i know this is not going to be very encouraging nor is it gonna sway ur decision to pick up riding. But i just had a friend who passed away a couple of days ago after getting caught in a serious accident. i saw how jialat the accident screws up my friend and i just sold off my bike like yesterday only. Be careful !

  5. Good on you! I have been thinking of taking riding lessons for awhile and have been sitting on the fence for too long. After reading your blog, seeing all those materials and last but not least, that super AWESOME Harley that you are standing next to. I am totally convinced! Thanks, Silver! Bukit Batok, here i come...