Wednesday, 4 November 2009

HALLOWEEN @ MINT Museum of Toys

Sorry I've been away, again.


Mine was spent WaWa JieJie.

HOWEVER, after work, I was invited to the MINT Museum of Toys for a Halloween Party~!!
This Halloween’s party is specially co-organized by National Heritage Board and the MINT Museum of Toys, and facilitated by, to show a different side of museums to youths (admit it, how many of you go 'urgh~~~' at museums?). I'm an avid fan of museums myself, so I belong to the exceptional group. =P
Go to if you want to know more about our local museums ya?

The theme was toys, so I decided since my hair was already tied up, I shan't bother to change it too much cos it'll just be a mess. I decided to be

A sad ghost doll... 鬼娃娃 complete with tear drops.
Special thanks to 素环姐 for changing my makeup for me.

I was very very late for the event (it was a 7-10pm thing) because it was pouring like mad and I didn't want to spoil my Suede boots and hair and makeup, and MAINLY, MAINLY!!! because the friend who was supposed to go with me was sleeping so hard I had to call my friend like 20 times after I finished work at 6. Witout anyone picking up the phone. The phone call WAS returned, only like 2.5 hours later... -.-" by this time my hair which was supposed to be nice n kew kew was no longer kew (curly) THANKS LEH!!! Grrr... In the end I missed out on the good food and the tarot-reading and the caricature-drawing and most importantly, the MUSEUM TOUR...*cries~*

However, the museum was amazing~ Prior to this, I didn't know a Toy museum existed in Singapore. Ok, maybe I vaguely did, but that was it. I think I knew it existed, but I have no idea where it is, or even stepped foot in it. SO, it was an opportunity to see many many many many many toys from old old old old old old days.....

If I hadn't known, I would have thought these were imitation cheena Mickey Mouses. Turned out they were the first-generation Mickey Mouse toys!

Hand-sewn... Ok I know. I need a new camera... =(

Trying to look like I belong there. 有像吗?



Ok I shall stop the obsession...
psst~~~ I'm one of the Best-dressed ok.... hiak~!

 I realized when I got home that I didn't take down the names of the toys I took pictures of... -.-" smart right...

This one I know I know!!! Barbie doll's ancestress!!!!

The early-generation Barbie n Ken dolls...

I know I'm not supposed to use flash (cos they say it degrades the paint), but this is the only way I could get a proper un-blurred picture of my FAVOURITE!!! COWS!~!!!!!! haha~ I'm born in the year of the Ox...and I have this thing for cows...
This one's called Ferdinand the Bull. Bulls are males right? I think so...
But it has very chio long eyelashes!!!! Okay maybe Ferdinand's Indian....

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!!!
My favourite's Dopey... Who doesn't love him? ;)
(Sorry about the flash again...I told you I need a new camera...)

 I stood before this exhibit for the longest mean what, before they had remote-controlled cars....they had



 Seemingly harmless toy....

 Until I saw its worth
US$5000!!!!! That's like, SGD7000 at least!!!!
N it's only like the size of my palm!!!

 I love these...they remind me of the white powder my Ah Ma used to use. I used to play with her powder when I was a small kid. The women in the pictures were always dressed in Cheongsams and they had this very nice hair~

 Another seemingly "harmless" toy

 Also US$5000

This is about the size of my fist...and its worth is US$4000!!! Oh man....why didn't I keep my old toys...
Kids! If your parents hand you toys that your Ah Gong or Ah Ma handed them when they were kids, KEEP THEM!!!! You'd be that bit richer...

 The early-generation seemingly-(if-i-had-not-known)-fake Donald Duck. But it IS the Original...

 The Beatles Merchandise! There was like almost a full display cabinet of them! When will I ever become so big?


Okay there were like 5 levels of Toys...I couldn't possibly put all the pictures up. Notice they are all OLD toys. No cool pretty limited edition Barbie Dolls, no Dora, no Power Rangers or Powerpuff girls, no whatever-mon you can think of. I'm born in the 80s, and I must say nothing much really struck a chord a with me. I didn't even see SMURFS!!! or did I miss them? What they have are all vintage toys.

I strongly recommend bringing your parents or grandparents to see the museum. I'm quite sure that will make them happy. How often do children/grandchildren bring them out these days? In fact, now that I think of it, I'm seriously considering bringing my grandparents there soon.  ^.^

There is a Toy-themed MINT Cafe downstairs in case you get hungry viewing at the exhibits.

Okay, for the money-minded (aka ngiao-sters), yes, there IS an admission charge (SO special thanks to Alvin for the invite!).  But think about it, you've never been there, so it'll be an experience. PLUS! You can bring your elders there to make them happy! It's at 26, Seah Street. Here's how to get there


Love and Ghoulies~

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