Tuesday, 10 November 2009

“A Christmas Carol” starring Jim Carrey opening in Singapore cinemas 19th November 2009

I have SOOOOO many things to blog about today, simply because I have so many things to rant and rave about the past few days...

I shall begin with the good~
A Christmas Carol. In 3D. Click here for the trailer. (But I recommend going to their official site.)

Thanks to omy.sg again, I was invited to the movie preview of this show, (in 3D), and I must say, it was GREAT!!!!!! Despite the show starting at 7 and I ONLY finished my shoot ytd at 6:25pm at Holland V. You can only guess my gan-cheong level ytd...But I arrived at 6:45, amazingly, thanks to this malay taxi uncle who was champs at finding small off-the-beaten-track roads to get there.

So cool! They had singers right at the top of the entrance of the theatre singing Christmas carols!!!

I've never watched any movie in 3D before. The only one I've watched is the Shrek attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. (That was good too!) I tell you, I think I will never ever ever ever go back to watching 2D animations again~! The whole 3-dimensional thing makes everything feel so life-like! The rivers, the berries, and the SNOW!! There was a part where Scrooge was flying around, and the snow was just coming in my direction because the wind was so strong. It felt so real ok! I admit a few times I "siammed" the snow, like how u move when you're engrossed in playing a game? Ya that's how it felt! Games should be designed in 3D man, where they make you wear those 3D glasses.

I know my fringe is so off here, but it's the nicest picture I have of the glasses. I'm sure you don't mind, right? ;)

I went with my sister. So for those who are soooooooooooooooooooooo curious as to whether my sis looks like me....we'd answer, in unison.....No. We look sooooooooo different that no one would guess we're sisters~

What did I tell you? =)
Oh! Look what we have!

When we went to our seats, we found not just our seats but goodies on our seats as well!!!! Thanks omy!!!!
(The popcorn guys were so bad la, didn't tell my sis when she was buying popcorn that there will be snacks n drinks provided! So we bought an extra popcorn and hotdog~ n a drink whose picture's not in here.
I love the glass container of sweets on the right!

AND JIM CARREY WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! He plays Scrooge, and the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future, and his every tone, expression, every move he designed for playing the role, he played it so well~ Especially the head moves for Ghost of Xmas Past...he was sooo funny! Okok you HAVE to watch it to know what I am talking about here!

The whole show didn't just make me laugh. Parts of it, I teared too. And at the last part of the show, I was practically grinning like an idiot (I'll take a picture and show you my expression at the end of the day). To be honest, even though I was glad I brought my sis to watch the show with me, I did wish that I could have brought more friends because I was sure they'd love it~ I wish my dog was with me too la! =P After all, he's like my son. AND parents would want to bring their kids to watch this, because it teaches us the meaning of Xmas and what sharing and being happy is all about~ (I'm SURE my dog understands~)

The best part about going for this preview?

I met Qiuting there!!!!! Like, they told us to come back for a short interview. So I was nice and did, and there she was! Standing right in front of the standing poster doing the interview as well!!!!!!! *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!!!!!*
Ah~ See, this is what being nice is about. God rewards you~ Love you QT!!!!

Back to the point~

Strongly recommended by Silver Ang to watch okay! (N NOT because the organisers asked me to say so. I really loved the show!)

AND watch it in 3D. You'll know what I mean when you do.

Warning: slight giddiness may be felt when the characters are flying, but it'll past once you get into the show). Enjoy~!!!

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