Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Can Someone Please Tell Me If It's A Worthy Buy...

Before I start on my new blog post, I have something to say.

Stop asking if I'm ok, or what happened? Esp those who already know, but think that there is something new that happened. Nothing new happened.

I am human. 我不能因为突然想起而伤心吗?为什么大家都要认为一定是有新的trigger呢?我没事。现在的我跟上个月的我,还是半年前的我,是一样的。令我难过的事,早在8个月前已发生了。人是有记忆的。我不是机器,能按一个按钮就能把记忆删除。

 Ok, NOW let's get back to my original INTENDED post. =)


Can someone please tell me if it's advisable to get this? Considering the fact that I live in Woodlands and cab fare costs about S$20 at least (1-way) to anywhere~ (including work...so this means at least S$40 per day for abt 10-15 days at least)

It's a 1993 Honda Civic ESI 4A (COE till 08/2011), road tax $1104 per year, going at S$8888.
I really LOVE the seats for this one...

or this

1992 Honda Civic LSI 4A (COE till 07/2011), road tax $1020 per year, going at S$6000.
This one of course I will remove the blue lights, simply because it's SOOOOO not me.

or this

2007 Mitsubishi i ? going at $33-37k, road tax S$324 per year?

I didn't win the 5.5million Toto la~ so all thoughts of the VW or Mini Cooper are out my 6th-storey window.

How how how? Comments pls!!!


  1. i think you shouldnt bother with cars that are like 8-9years old. its maybe be like 20k cheaper than a new car, but you are going to fork out 20k for repairs!
    maybe you can consider 2nd hand cars that are 2-3 years old? eg: the mitsubishi i sounds like a more sensible choice.


  2. mitsubishi one seems more reasonably priced but i think can negotiate lower... and plus it suits you better.