Sunday, 22 November 2009


I just saw on FB, another married friend "is now single".

This is the 3rd unexpected marriage separation I know about this year...within the past 6 months...4th, if I want to consider mine to be almost...

If a couple has decided to take the vow, or even decided at any point that the SO (significant other) is THE one, why can't they honour the vow, or work things out, "in good times and bad", "no matter what happens"?

All attached/married souls, please treasure what you have now. 一路走来不容易, 难得有缘相识到相爱。别忘了当初为什么选择对方。挫折一定会有,一起努力解决问题,感情会更坚固,更美。最漂亮的钻石是经过漫长的时间和重重恶劣的风吹雨打,才形成的。

看过《一切完美》吗? “只要包容所有不完美,就一切完美。。。”


Love with all your heart. You'll find love so much more worthwhile...


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