Saturday, 7 November 2009

Before 《Fun学去》 Dance Shoot

I'm DAMN STRESSED!!!!! Am at WaWa Pictures studio, and I'm supposed to do a dance (4, actually) with 3 very pro kids from Attitudes Dance Studio! For 《Fun学去》. If you watch you'll know there's always this dance and sing along session right at the beginning right?

I've only been to ONE dance practice, and we didn't even get to join in! The dance instructor was just going thru the moves with the kids over and over again, with us JUST STANDING THERE! I haven't been actively dancing for the past few years (I was with Attitudes like almost 3 years ago....but due to my irregular flying schedule then, I stopped after 3 months), so it was damn hard to catch the choreography just by watching...

SOOOOOO.....the kids are here, and we're starting in an hour or so, and I am getting paranoid because I can't stand myself not dancing well!!!! (I was a dancer with Nanyang Girls' High, which has one of the BEST dance groups in Singapore...does that explain my self-expectations?)

I'll let you know how my shoot went by the end of the day ok? If I survive the humiliation...


Love Me~

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