Singapore Food Festival 2023

Thank you KKDay and Leslie for the invite! 拖你们的福 the bf brought me to Singapore Food Festival! I believe this is the very first time I'm here, and OMG it was so much food. There were probably more than a 100 stalls so if you're headed there please arrive hungry.

I don't even remember what I ate and there were so many stalls I wanted to try but didn't have the stomach capacity for. Tip: Get the multi-entry ticket - this way you can go multiple times and eat up the place! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. These is a FRACTION of what's available.

Also, it's pet-friendly. So bring your furkids along too!

Nasi lemak pizza

Kind of like sushi in a popiah and seaweed wrap.This was refreshing.

The salted egg mash popiah was gooood.

I loved the satay. The meat is big and juicy!

Yup ths one I'm curious whether the taste works - fried dory fish with pi pa gao sauce. 

And this is just the savoury foods. The whole place is divided into sections:

For the sweet toothed, there is a section just for you. There are asian and ang moh sweets to cater to all palettes!

For all my jiu guis, there is no lack of alcohol here. You have sakes, suntorys, highballs, beers, cocktail on tap (???) amongst other things to keep you happy throughout the night.

And for those of you who love live music, there are 2 different zones with live bands happening throughout the night. My man will be performing on one of the stages on Friday so keep a lookout for him!

Plenty of seating areas. There are also airconditioned indoor seats for those who want to sit inside!

Apparently you can win stuff too! Saw this while walking around so thought you might want to know this. I wouldn't mind some prizes and a suite room getaway at Crowne Plaza.

Ticket Prices:

Okay that's all from me. Go jio your friends and have fun!

Singapore Food Festival runs daily from 19-30 July 2023

Opening Hours - 
Weekdays: 5pm to 10:30pm
Weekends: 10:30am to 10:30pm

Bayfront Event Space. You know that space between the open carpark and MBS? Yes there.

I'll leave the link here so you guys can go book your tickets:


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