I suffer from dry skin, especially when I travel. I remember when I used to travel a lot more, I would scratch my legs so much that they end up bleeding because my skin cracked from being too dry. *cringe* I know. Then when I'm back in Singapore I don't moisturize because our weather somehow makes the skin very sticky when we moisturize and sweat in the heat after.
That was before I found NIVEA. This is a brand that has been around for as long as I can remember, but why I never used it before in my life, I had no idea. All I remember when I first tried the NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk was "WOW WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE???" It wasn't sticky, it smelt great, and best of all, it actually moisturizes and makes my skin so so soft.
There was only one problem, my skin still felt a little dry after flights. It's this thing about inflight cabin air that makes our cuticles harden after flights. Not sure if it happens to you, but my hands suffer the most when I fly. Followed by the skin on my shin.
Then the kind people at NIVEA sent me their latest product a few weeks ago.
NIVEA's floral-scented Oil in Body Milk!
This is a body moisturizer that combines caring oils with nutrient-rich milk and precious natural ingredients to give a glycerin-based lotion enveloped with delicate floral fragrances. If you've ever tried using body oils, you'll know that they kind of stain the sheets, especially if your sheets are white are mine. As this is a glycerin-based formula, it doesn't do that! Plus it's a nice in-between for body oils and body milk. Woohoo!
Smells can impact our moods, so NIVEA has carefully chosen 2 smells that positively do that. The NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk Glowing Rose has rejuvenating and healing benefits, and smells really feminine, whilst the Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk Relaxing Lavender is infused with a delicate lavender scent to soothe, calm and put me in a relaxing mood. I particularly like using the Glowing Rose for day, and the Lavender one for bedtime. But you can apply any of these any time of the day to suit your moods.
You know how moisturizers smell good for a while after application, and the smell just disappears a few hours later? You can actually extend the positive aromatic effects by layering on fragrances. Say you have a rose-based EDT or perfume, just spritz it on after you've applied your moisturizer. That will keep the smell lingering the whole day!
Pair the NIVEA Skin Delight Oil in Body Milk with your favourite rose-based EDT or EDP to feel rejuvenated and feminine the whole day. Also, I noticed one thing after a day of using the Oil in Body Milk formula - my skin felt really soft even when I reached home at night! And this was after a whole day of being in the dry air-conditioned filming studio. This was something I didn't expect, and that also meant the moisturizing effects run really deep!
After showering, just pat the body milk onto slightly damp skin to keep skin feeling soft. No more excuses for dry, flaky, itchy skin!