My Mum Bought me a What??

Disclaimer:  This post is not meant as a flex, but as a documentation of how this Rolex came into my possession. 

This one is pretty special. You see I've never been a material girl. Even back in the days of being a cabin crew when so many girls were buying branded handbags and luxury watches, I never understood these things. Sure some of these really good ones appreciate over time, and unless I really really really really really really like the design, I don't get excited over them. 

I'm more a travelling and experiences girl. Of course there are many times when I think these girls are smarter because hey they spent money on things they can see and touch and hold and let value appreciate. I still don't regret the experiences of course.

As I grew older and more financially capable, I have learnt to appreciate them more. And I believe much of the appreciation comes from my mum. Over the years I've learnt that she was able to always give her parents a monthly allowance, provide for me and my sis, and still invest in monumental time pieces and gifts for my grandparents. While providing very decent shelter for our family.

I definitely wasn't born rich, but I grew up watching how it is never about how much resources we have but how resourceful and resilient we can get. I saw her work for others and put in long hours, I saw her going through challenging times financially for family, I saw her having to start over and start her own business and I saw her working hard to get to where she is today. And the older I get, the more grateful I am for the things I used to take for granted when I was younger.

This year I wouldn't be able to spend my lunar nor solar birthday with my family as I'd be overseas, so I told her that during Mother's Day dinner and we'd go eat meesua when I'm back in June. (It's our family tradition to do lunar birthdays and meesua together as a family.)

Then during the dinner she kept talking about this Rolex watch that she saw, and showing me different videos of the watches that she went to see with her friends. So I was thinking ok maybe she's buying another watch to invest and wants my opinion?

When she said she needed me at the Hour Glass because she needs to make sure the bracelet is the right length, my heart stopped a beat. She bought me a what?? 


And there I was feeling really proud of myself that I bought her a gold bracelet for the first time. (And incidentally it was also my very first time buying gold anything.) 

I've never walked into one of these shops asking to see a watch. It's not that I can't afford to, but somehow it's just a feeling of I'm not sure I deserve it. Anyone else feels that way? Like you don't want to walk into a luxury shop because some part of you feels you shouldn't spend this money or you don't belong there?

Plus these crowns are never readily available for purchase unless you're a VIP. And even then it's usually on waitlist. So it's super exclusive.

I puffed up my chest and walked in. And awkwardly tried on the watch my mum had selected for me, for the sales professional to help adjust the watch bracelet length. Not sure if any of acting skills came into play for me to attempt looking like I didn't feel awkward. 😂 

Thank you Mummy for my birthday present this year. I know to you it's more than just a birthday gift - it's holding me to a high regard and a parallel status symbol. That I deserve this and you believe it matches who I am as a person. You've set the bar so high when it comes to showing in your own way how you love us. It's showing me you're proud of who I am and who I'm becoming. At the same time, I'm super proud of how you've raised us. ❤️ Love you Mummy. So so much~


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