I'm sure it must have been September 2009 when I first started my blog. I had just quit my cushy job (then) as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines, and I was venturing back into mainstream media as a *gasp* freelance performer. 

Yep. It was a period of uncertainty and certainty - uncertainty because there was no promise of big fat pays (or even a steady paycheck for that matter), no promise of assignments in the media space, I didn't know what was to come. But I was certain that I was done with the airline - I was grateful for everything I had learnt and the people I had met, and it was definitely time I went to pursue what I had always loved - performing and acting. It was something I'd always wanted to do since I was a child, and the opportunity is here for me to pursue it properly. The next few years didn't let me down, as I was given so many opportunities to play purposeful characters, and told so many stories. I have been blessed. ❤️

Of course, after leaving the airline, and in between my assignments, I had quite a bit of spare time. That was when I started blogging, on this very same blog. It was called thatsilvergirl.blogspot.com, and has since been revamped and re-branded because well, a lot has changed since and most of the content aren't relevant anymore. 🙃

Been thinking of doing this for the last 2 years, and yes procrastination took hold of me so I haven't done it until now. But I remember I used to, at one point in my life, love blogging, and how it used to help me document my experiences and share them with the people who care to read.

So here I am again, 4 years since my last post - a different me from who I was so many years ago, but yet still the same. A lot has changed, and I've got so much about my personal experiences to share, that I hope I get to share them all in time. Yes I will include my journey with ketones too - been getting too many questions and I hope the blog will help those who wish to learn more not be so confused and overwhelmed by all my Instagram stories created over the last 2+ years. 

Hello dears, welcome to my blog. For my last-time readers, welcome back. It's been a while. And thank you for still sparing your time in my space and what I have to offer. I know I haven't really been gone because I'm on Instagram Every. Single. Day. Lol. But still, I'm glad to be back on this space! Leave a comment to say hi or something, so I know you're here. =D