Fern Studio75: Alliums & Delphiniums

Thank you Fern Studio75 for always sending me beautiful flowers every week. They do a weekly floral subscription service so I always have fresh flowers in my house! This is such a brilliant idea, since we have subscription services for milk, beauty products, food... Why not flowers??

This time my flowers came in a huge lovely purple bouquet more than half my height. O.O

These purple bulbs are called alliums, also known as flowering onions, giant onions, or ornamental onions. I never knew onions could give me such pretty flowers!

These elegant accompanying flowers are called Delphiniums. These remind me of quaint English cottage gardens! Note to parents with young kids or dogs - delphiniums are poisonous when young, so make sure they don't get eaten up! Then again, we don't normally eat flowers, do we?


With little dashes of Caspias and Waxflowers. ^.^

Thank you Fern Studio75!