Rainbow Hair!!!

I'm sitting in FDP's comfy salon chair now as I type this and attempt to blog the journey while Angeline works her magic into my hair. (And I'll probably finish this blog post days later hahaha!) For those who've been following my Instagram and blog, you'd know she's my hairy godmother. I've known her for more than 10 years and I'm super glad about where she has come. She knows what she's doing, and is the woman behind Hirzi and Munah, as well as Tabitha Nauser and Nadiah M Din. And me. =)

So it all started with Instagram. I saw these pictures of crazy beautiful rainbow hair, and for some reason (even though I've seen rainbow hair before and never was drawn to any of them) I suddenly had the urge to go all colourful. Maybe the rainbow hair styles I saw before had a bad mix of colours, because using any wrong shade, or choosing the wrong shade to go with the colour next to or below it, really can make your hair look more "eeyer" than Wow. 

I have been warned that some colours may be hard to wash off after, but I'm prepared. I've checked with my Tanglin folks, and since I'd be taking a break from shoot for a bit it's okay for me to change my hair colour. YES!!!! So there was excitement, and anxiety, and then psyched to get those colours, and then anxiety again. Lol. Will it turn out like those rainbow hair I didn't like? What if I regret? I like my current hair so much as well, so if it turns out bad will I hate myself? That kind of thing. 

I went into FDP with a crazy heartbeat. It wasn't showing on my face, but it was definitely there. When I went in I still wasn't sure if I wanted something milder or the full-on rainbow. 

I went with, yes, the full-on. *fingers crossed*

I already have pretty amazing looking hair, all thanks to Angeline, but my roots were growing out and well, so just nice I was going on a holiday to europe so I really wanted my hair to pop in my pictures. Yes. Hiao. Hey got to up my IG game right? Lol! =D

My hair before today. I didn't apply anything on my hair ends, nor styled my hair in any way. This was after waking up and just having changed and done my makeup. Unbrushed, uncombed, raw out of bed hair. You can understand why I'm anxious and worried right? This hair looked so amazing, what if my new hair turns out like shit? What if I don't like it? What if all my clothes don't go with my new hair colour???

As I had black hair growing out (we call this virgin hair, meaning hair that hasn't got anything done to it before), I had to bleach the roots first. This took just 20-30 minutes and it didn't hurt at all. Which was nice. 

One more for a fair comparison under the lighting here which is a bit warmer. 

Bleaching of the roots.

Roots done! It didn't hurt at all. Okay one thing you MUST remember (which I forgot) is that prior to doing any crazy colour which requires prior bleaching, DO NOT wash your hair for at least 2 days before the dye job. This is to allow your own oils to coat your scalp, which acts as a kind of barrier between your scalp and the bleach that is going to sit on your scalp. Having said that, after the first bleach (chances are you will need more than one), they will rinse your hair to get rid of the bleach. At this point they will not use shampoo yet but the rinsing might still get rid of some oils on your scalp. 

So be prepared, the second bleach is going to hurt. If you don't want it to hurt tell your stylist to avoid your roots. But seriously, the colour will have a bit of black up there, which I do not want. So, bite your lips and bear with it. BUT, that being said, if it hurts so bad you are sweating and you swear that you are going to get brain damage, tell your stylist. I was sweating like mad and it hurt so badly but I just bore with the pain. In the end, one side of my scalp, the side which hurt the most, was flaking and scabbing. Eeeks. No I didn't get brain damage, but my sensitive scalp did suffer some bleach burn. Do note that I have really thin skin, because for most people, this doesn't happen. (My sis said her friend bleached like 8 times to get really light hair. And the scalp was fine. Mine just took like 2 times???) 

Anyway, to get to the below effect, though only 2 bleaches, took about 5 hours. Mmm hmm.

Who is this ang mor?

And the colouring finally began!

Each clump of hair has to be carefully chosen with the right colours so the colours blend into each other at the gradients. So make sure your stylist has good colour sense!

This green was so intriguing, it looked like some kind of tree lizard or snake. Okok maybe a pretty leaf shade lol.

Tadah! You can't tell how it'll look just yet until the blowdrying is done.

See those colours? Mmm mmm~~~

Woohoo! Initially I was really worried about how it may turn out. I'm sure Angeline was jittery too haha! But I think it worked out well!

And here's the final result:

The colour just gets better with each wash though. Think more pastel.

This was after 1 wash. The hair was in a much better condition than I expected. The ends weren't breaking off like crazy. You do have to blow dry immediately after your wash though, for it to look nice when it dries. The same goes for all hair actually. Unless you're into the whole bedhead look thing. Also, remember to apply some kind of hair treatment on your hair to help close up the hair shaft. Chances are they are all opened up and that could cause breakage. Applying treatment or some kind of hair oil will also help give it a nice sheen. 

Suddenly I could carry off purple eyeliner. How awesome is this???

And after the second wash this was my hair:
Mummy look! I have rainbow hair!!!!!
THANK YOU ANGE!!!!!!! I've never been more intrigued by my own hair!!!

You can find Angeline at:
FDP Prestige Haircare
18 Jalan Masjid
Kembangan Plaza #B1-06
Singapore 418944

P.S. I did finish this post 2 weeks after lol. You can check out my Instagram or Snapchat (Silver_Ang) for how my hair looks like now!


  1. Looks really nice after second wash! Tempted ...haha...
    I like , but my hair kinda dry, not silky like yours, so wonder if it's suitable?


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