SSparkle Glam: Of Slimming & Botox

Hello! Did you manage to get my giveaways? For those who did, I hope you're enjoying the products like I am! Thank you to those of you who emailed me to let me know that the Time Curator and the Bubble Masks worked for you! There's nothing like knowing a product you're raving about works for other people as well. Shows I don't just recommend anything, only stuff I would personally use. ;)
This post today is dedicated for post-CNY/Vday. Had too much to eat the past few weeks? I know. I did. I wanted to really get started on my New Year's Resolution on becoming 47kg (Yeah I changed it. 43kg is just too light...I might look gam jek). And to maintain my own resolution to myself to keep looking good. Heck, to keep looking better! Yeah~~~

Fit Solution

I mentioned some time ago that I've been taking this thing called Fit Solution (you can read it here), and I found that because it is nutritionally complete, I can take it as a meal replacement too!!! And the best part? It just tastes like fruit juice! None of the usual icky meal replacement tastes!  The downside? You actually still do get hungry because it is not meant to be taken as a meal replacement but as a nutrional drink for your cells. Upside? You won't get an overdose, nor get fat, from the drink. Yay!!! (There is some science behind this statement, but I won't explain it here.)

I remember Hagen's mum's words - 怕太美就不要喝那么多.  (Don't drink too much if you're afraid you may look too pretty.)  Double-negative. Took me a while to register. Lol.  She got her point etched in my head though.   

I'm going on a full-blast Fit Solution meal replacement programme I set for myself. Since you won't get an overdose from the drink, it's actually alright to drink 5-6 glasses a day. I know the professor who developed the drink drinks 6 glasses a day, and so does Hagen's mother. (Btw, anyone who has just met her will NOT believe she is already 60. She doesn't even need to put on foundation and her skin looks amazing!) 

Because I want to slim down, my face to glow (not oily okay?), and to be healthy for the CNY, that's my challenge to myself. 5 glasses of Fit Solution a day, plus 6 glasses of water on top of that.

Oh and yes, go back to spa-ing, except now once a day instead of the twice daily regime I went through before. Why the hell did I stop using it? Goodness~!

Current weight -  53.9kg (OMG how did THIS happen??? I thought I was 53????)
Goal weight by end of February - 50kg.

Wish me luck. ^.^

To get Fit Solution, you may call FDP at 68410511 to find out more! Alternatively, you may email, mention that you heard about Fit Solution via my blog, and ask about the product! =)



One more way to look slim? Have a slim face.  REALLY!  Have you ever looked at someone with a sharp face and think that they are thin but actually they are a bit fleshy? Or saw someone with a bak bak face with double chin and thought they were fat but they actually have a skinny body?

I would understand. Let me tell you something from personal experience: That is, even if you maintain at the same weight, just by having a slimmer face, everyone would see you as "slimmer".

 This was me before the trial.

Compare the picture on the left vs the picure on the right.

 See the bulge of meat on the side of my face in the picture on the left?

 You should probably see the biggest difference here:

  Mind you, I weighed the same in both the pictures. The difference was the one on the left was taken in June, and the one on the right, November.

What did I do to my face?

I tried what many would consider to be controversial - Botox on my jaw.

WHAT??? Silver Ang did BOTOX???? She's only 20something!!!! Yup I took the leap of faith, under Dr Jonathan Lee's careful suggestion. I've always thought I had a sharp face, so losing weight on my face has never been a concern for me, until Dr Lee told me that I would see a significantly sharper face. To be honest I was quite doubtful of his words though he was a doctor. Me being cautious, naturally I would think that he was just trying to get people to do as many procedures as possible right? More money mah! Lol~ Turned out he wasn't anything like that. He will actually advise accordingly if he thinks that it is unnecessary for someone to do the requested procedure. 

So how does it work? 

Okay do this: With your mouth and jaw closed (but in a relaxed state), place your fingers on the side of your face (where the jawline is). Next, clench your teeth as if you are biting something. Feel a muscle protrude at the side of your face when you clenched? The bigger your jaw muscles are, the more pronounced will be your effect when you perform Botox on your jaw. Which means, people WILL start asking you if you have lost weight. Heh heh~

Botox on the jaw works by paralysing that muscle so that it won't be able to form. Just like how you work your muscles at the gym, once you stop working those muscles, your biceps disappear. It works exactly the same way, except that it is almost impossible for you to stop working your jaw muscles since you need to eat and unless you're on liquid food, sorry, you will have to chew. That means muscles will form.

Huh??? Does that mean my jaw muscles will be paralysed and I won't be able to move my jaws naturally anymore???

Nope! You still CAN move your jaws, yawn, and do all these jaw-dropping movements. You will feel a little tight at first, but the tightness will go away. Initially I found it hard to open my mouth wide to yawn, but hey, that made me look more graceful. Lol. 

Side effects? Yeah I was as curious as you are. After all, I don't want anything bad to happen to my face. I need it for my job yeah? So I asked, and I googled. Side effects, if any, are usually minor and only temporary, and usually involves a paralysis of the wrong muscle group (that's why it is SUPER important to find a trusted doctor!) Generally Botox has a very low degree of human toxicity, definitely comparitively lower than breathing in exhaust fumes standing by the road. And oh, unless abused and used on the wrong part of the body (think angry aesthetics female doctor with free access to Botox, finding out her husband is cheating...and possibly a vengeful jab at his nether regions causing paralysis and softening of the muscle....), Botox is generally safe. Lol.

Let's see how it is done:

 After your consult and you've made the decision to go for it, you will of course be taken a picture of your "Before" for your reference. After which, a numbing thing will be placed on your face. I think that thing that Dr Lee has on my place is just an ice pack of sorts.

 When the localised area is sufficiently numb, he will then injected the Botox into your jaw muscles. I know it looks really freaky here, but surprisingly, Botox on the jaw isn't as painful as I thought. It's just a kind of sore, numbing feeling. Not the "KNN PAIN LEH!!!!!!" kinda sensation. I didn't even tear. So that's good, especially for those of you with a low pain threshold. Lol.

Repeat other side of the face for balance. 

And you're done! 

Psst...Dr Lee doesn't charge for follow-up consults. So you can rest assured that when you return for him to check some weeks/months later, you won't get another consultation fee like I know most doctors charge. Just so you know! ;)

 And this is one day after the jab, with darlings Mint and Cheryl
I felt totally...low that day... Actually, I felt low during this period of time.

You won't see much effect on the first day (you think 仙丹 meh!), but you can see how I looked like before the Botox took effect. I really looked erm...not say not pretty, very flattering. Don't come and tell me "Eh you very pretty already lor why must succumb yourself to all these aesthetics treatments?" because you will see a difference and say "Wah! Slim down already hor! Look better leh! Last time look a bit rounder not so nice~"

I get that soooo much, and I mean soooooooo much. 
That bit of facial slimming REALLY made all the difference.

 Compare this
(This is a top-down angle in an attempt to look like I have a smaller face. Fail.)

With this, approximately 5 weeks later.
By this time I no longer feel the jaw muscles no matter how hard I clench my teeth.
Muscle-formation disabled! Yay!

 The difference is so slight that you can't really tell, yet you can agree that I look like I lost quite a bit of weight. Except that I weigh the same.

Of course with pictures there is always photoshop and other picture editing software. But for the video cameras and real life, I can't use Photoshop to cheat. 

This is known as magic, or wizardry in the old days~ 
Now, we call it Medical Science. Lol.

 For TV, I would say a significantly sharper face helped me achieve a much better facial outline. It gave me an idea of how I would look if I lost 5kg. Lol~ If you need to really look good quickly for your wedding, I would say, GO FOR IT.

Make sure that it's the real thing though. Don't let anyone inject a second-grade material into your face. You don't want to regret what is supposed an aesthetically facial-enhancing procedure should it turn out otherwise. Contrary to what many think, Botox is used as a medical treatment for many conditions like
  • Migraine
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Squints
  • Numerous muscle spasm conditions like Vagisnismus. Note: watch Rescue 995 for a hilarious mention on it. It's not supposed to be funny, but...just watch yo? You will see an instance of it. It's the vagina tensing up which makes sex either impossible, or painful (the male would be unable to pull out...ouch).

Jokes aside, how long would the effects of a Botox jab last?

Typically, a treatment will last you a good 6 months, although it can vary from person to person.  According to Dr Lee, a booster jab 3 months after the initial injection will ensure that your Botox effect lasts you through another 1.5 years.

The great thing about this is that Botox is not a permanent treatment, (well, good and bad), and will wear off over time. So if you don't like the effects, live with it for 6 months, and you're back to looking your old self! Your body's own metabolism will clear it out of your system over time. =)

That said, too much of anything is not good. (Heavy dependence on ANYTHING is not healthy.) Look to Botox for an urgent fix for shoots/important events (like your wedding or CNY or Vday or Xmas, just give a month for the full effect to present itself), but not as a long term solution to look slim. The best way to look slim is still to eat healthily and lose weight. That's just my recommendation of course. I know of artistes who have used Botox for years, and they don't seem to have any negative side effects. Perhaps you can ask Dr Lee when you visit him?

The Aesthetic Studio (You can find the link on my left sidebar), namely Dr Jonathan Lee, can be found at:

Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth, #12-08
Singapore 228510
Tel: 67371100


Parkway East Medical Centre
319 Joo Chiat Place, Suite 04-06
Singapore 427989
Tel: 64401200


If you're hesitant about the procedure, don't worry. I was hesitant for a good 6 months before finally deciding to give it a try. You can always go for the good ol' application method. ;) Yup, applying Botox (or a Botox-like alternative) on your face does the trick too, except you have to be religious about it. Upside? No injections. One great product would be the Time Curator Line from Hankook. Or you can go for V-line facial slimming products like the Ossion Detox Bubble Mask! 

Both worked great for me, though I would recommend the Bubble Mask for face-slimming and the Time Curator for fine lines or aging skin. Those not using any skincare would see the greatest difference within a week. The Time Curator Line contains Argirilene, a product similar to Botox, and can help prolong the effects of a Botox jab, if you have gone for it. So for example, and I mean FOR EXAMPLE, instead of a 6-mthly jab, you may only need to go once a year~

It's been 7 months since that visit to Dr Lee. I can feel the jaw muscle back already, but I think my face is still essentially quite sharp, despite all the overeating this Xmas/CNY/Hokkaido/Vday.
(I suspect it has a bit to do with the Bubble Mask daily, and Time Curator once every 2 days on my jawline.)

I received my orders from Hankook last week! Don't really have the time to do it yet but I'll do a video on the products I own from them very soon!

What are my favourites so far? 
 (Good ones I will recommend, no good ones I promise I will also tell you.)

 The Merdel Toner and Emulsion for sensitive skin. Thumbs up for its skin-healing effects.

 Detox Bubble Mask. For its cleansing and facial slimming properties. 
This is now an addiction for me.

 The Time Curator Eye Cream. For ridding the fine lines under my eyes.
(I'm starting to try it on my frown line.)

And this, which I've yet to talk about:
The Ekanava Opening Enhancer.

This serves as a makeup primer, and keeps your face cool even in hot weather so your makeup stays on nicely! It minimizes your pores (openings), thus its name.

When you first apply it, it would feel cold. It has a special ingredient which helps maintain the coolness of the product, which helps diffuses heat caused by UV rays.

It also has an amazing ingredient now found in many good skincare brands:

 What's so special?

 See the gold specks?! Yup it contains gold!
Gold has the ability to prevent and lighten spots, freckles and other aging signs. 
It fights freckles!!! I want!!!!!

What else does it do?
 Used on its own:
  • Improve dry flaking skin. 
  • Reduce & prevent lines. 
  • Smooth & hydrates skin. 
  • Firming.
  • Reduce skin & control oil. 
  • Conceal & minimize pores. 
  • Calm & prevent skin allergies, etc. dust allergies. 
  • Reduce redness & itchiness after 1 minute of applying! Especially good for rushing mornings!
It can reduce redness and itchiness caused by allergies! I get dust allergies very easily! And then my face will break out into tiny bumps which look like 风磨 (is it written this way?). OMG I found a saviour!!!!!!! 

Used with Makeup:
  • Prolongs makeup. 
  • Enhances makeup. 
  • No fading, no smudging, no more cakey makeup!

This one, tried and tested. I believe. My makeup really doesn't cake up like it usually does midday! And your makeup around your nose and lip area won't disappear after a walk in the sun as well. Even when it's just used on its own, it feels very comfortable on the skin. Smells nice to boot!

As I discover more good stuff, I'll keep sharing. So far this is all I have tried! (I still have unopened packages~ lol~)



Hankook is ending their 30% + 20% promotion today (16th Feb), so if you've been putting off the purchase for "later", now is the time to do so!

Remember to log in with my Username and password to get the initial member's 30% discount!
(Those unclear please read the previous SSparkle Glam)

Username: HankookC
Password: HankookC

I have put up a banner link on my sidebar so anytime you wish to purchase anything from Hankook Cosmetics, just come to my blog and you'll find the username and password on the left sidebar! Yes, the 30% member discount will PERMANENTLY be there, so don't fret even if you miss out on the promotional storewide discounts. You will still get that 30% off. ;)

Although the site promotions ON TOP OF the 30% discounts are great deals... (Where else can you get deals like that??? Some things go for almost 80% off! And their things are good stuff, not the imitation/low-cost goods!)

For some of you who do not own credit cards or a paypal account, but wish to purchase items from, I am here to help! (I am usually not very free, but just this once, I'm going to do it for you!)

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Transfer the total amount to 004-61995-1 via iBanking. 
Take a picture of the transaction receipt / printscreen, and include in your email.

Lastly, wait for my good news! Easy?

Now run along, grab your final deals! I'm going to stop taking orders at 11pm sharp. =)

Cheers to (seemingly) Eternal Youth. ;)


  1. I understand that there's a bit of a difference with your face, but to be has a lot to do with the angles too. If you really want to display results, try taking your before and after pictures at the same angle - the difference may be more evident/believable.

  2. Noted! Feedback taken into account. Thank you. =)

  3. hi how long will the hankook items arrive after placing order? do they ship from Korea?

    1. Hello! They have a warehouse in Singapore, so unless it runs out of stock (then it will be from Korea), it will ship from Singapore. But all products are made in their own lab in Korea!

      Shipping will take apprx 5-7 days!

  4. Hi, thanks for the informative entry! But I think most of us would wish to know the cost of that botox injection you did as well. Please share if you don't mind! :)

    1. Hi! Have just checked with Dr Lee - the price for Botox of the jawline is roughly S$600-S$800, depending on how many units of Botox you will require (how muscular your jaws are). =)

  5. Well done! Your review on botox is detailed and thorough! And is simply an enlightenment to the misconceptions of botox. Cheers from - Singapore Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine

  6. be frank.. You seem to look more mature (Qiao Cui) after your face has slimmed down. you look like 30+ in the pic with big earring.. I prefer your face with a bit bak bak, sweeter =)

  7. Hi Silver

    Is the Hankook still having 30%? I tried but seems not anymore:

    Price: SGD$142.10 (SGD$142.10 incl. TAX)

    Thank you!

    1. $142.10 is already the -30% discounted price. U can log out at the "sign up" and see the original price after. :)

  8. not much of a difference. plus you already look good why waste this money/time

    1. That's the whole idea. Not too obvious but enough to make ppl wonder if uve slimmed down a lot. :)

  9. Oh yeah correct, thanks!
    Do you know the additional 20% will have it again? Coz I missed it the last time :)

    1. Am not too sure, but I do know that they have ongoing promotions for some products that can go as high as 65% off. Include the initial 30%, and you're getting a great deal! ;)

  10. I'm in awe with the 'slimming' down of your face! It really looks like you have lost so much weight.

    Well...still quite hesitant to go thru jabs even I had fillers done before. Is agonizing! But I might just consider this as an option, I really wana look pretty for my big day!

    1. This one is much much less traumatic than fillers, trust me! Lol~

  11. hi, i know you are an ex-airstewardess. What type of attire do you recommend during the interview?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Something you're comfortable in, but not too casual. Avoid jeans. Try office wear. ;)

  12. Hi Silver, may I know your height? Thanks :)


  13. Really Good Post!!

    Botulinum toxin ( Botox ®) provides muscle relaxation. This makes it particularly suitable for controlling expression wrinkles. Think of wrinkles caused by frowning, puzzled look and laugh.


  14. I like that you covered all your bases before you went through the procedure. A lot of people would’ve just jumped the gun and went through with it without finding a qualified doctor and without reading up on the possible side effects. But, I digress. I have to say, you’re very beautiful with or without the Botox. I wouldn’t even have noticed it if you didn’t point it out. Can I just say that you have very beautiful cheekbones? I know that you needed to be injected with Botox for your job, but with cheekbones like that, you really didn’t have to!

    Shavonda Duarte

  15. Hi Silver, your link to HanKook Cosmetic is not working. I have also tried using your username and password to log in their website by was prompted error. Could you please advise. Tks


    1. Hi Damen,

      Currently the site is under reconstruction so you will be redirected to a temporary site where you will still be able to purchase items. The exclusive discounts, however, will only be available after the new site is ready. Thank you for your patience!

  16. Hi Sliver,

    thanks for sharing! i was just searching for a product that can prolong botox and i chanced upon this. but wondering if Hankook Cosmetics have a physical shop that i can browse & test the products? im interested in the Time Curator Line range.


  17. Hi silver . Appreciate your post about jaw botox. It gave me the courage to go for it too.
    I know this is an old post but do you remember approximately how long after the treatment did u see a difference? And when did u see a significant difference ? Because in your before pics honestly to me .. you already have a sharp face :)

    Thanks !


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