Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Rest of my Phuket All-Girls' Trip

Sorry I've been gone a week! This week has been amazing! Before I go into that let me finish my Phuket travelogue, then I'll fill you in on what has been happening in my next post. One by one okay? Don't feed too much at one go. ;)

After our trip to the islands, the girls were all tired, hungry and niam niam (that's a Hokkien term for sticky), so we went back, took a quick shower, deposited Cheryl (she had to stay in to finish a writeup), and out to Patong we go. No Thailand trip is complete, especially in a big group, without a tuk tuk. It's an open-air vehicle that looks like a pickup with a back shelter, and sometimes a super cool Ah Beng sound system.

 Pick a tuk tuk with a sound system if you can. It makes the trip so much more fun when you can sing along to the club music that they usually play. Nice~

Swissotel is quite a distance away from Patong, and one tuk tuk would usually cost you around 500THB. If you're good at haggling, you might be able to bring it down to 400? That is, from Swissotel. Appx 20 min away. Yup, it's pretty far. 

When in Phuket, Thailand for that matter, I would always go to the pharmacies. Simply because supplies are so much cheaper. Sure, you'd tell me the items sold might not be authentic, and I guess I'm trusting that way. If it's a pharmacy, it should be selling proper things, even to their own people. And I like to keep stuff like Melolin (a non-adhesive gauze for dressing wounds) and waterproof adhesive film like Tegaderm (those things are great for healing wounds without leaving ugly scars) in the house, because we never know when we are going to get hurt. Imagine you fell at your void deck at 2am after a drunk night at the club and you are just bleeding, and you stay nowhere near Mustafa (yes they sell those things too). How? Call me kiasee, but I feel more secure that way.

Things like that are a lot cheaper from Thailand, and trust me, even if they are fake, it doesn't matter. I can't be sure those sold in Singapore are real ones anyway. Just have faith. Lol. I also bought my one whole year's supply of Yasmin from Boots, a UK brand of pharmacy (come on, boots can't be fake) and they cost me half the price (380THB - ~$16 ) as compared to buying them from Singapore. Uh huh. Remember the tip - buy pharmaceutical supplies when you are in Thailand. Lol. 

So, whenever you're on an island, you will want to have seafood. And so we asked the pharmacist lady where we can get really good value-for-money seafood. And she told us about this place called No.6, just a few doors down the street. (We were along a street at Patong by the way.)

 It's at Prabaramee Soi3, wherever that means. 

When we found it there was a long queue and inside the small restaurant it was PACKED and super chaotic. One guy asked if we want to go up the hill, and we were like, huh? Up the hill? No thanks. So we queued. And I started talking to this Australian guy in front. To pick him up. 

No la I was really just trying to find out if this place was really that good. He told us that every time he comes to Phuket he will go to this restaurant. Best in Phuket, and that they have another branch which was much bigger up the hill. 

Ohhh.....so that was what the guy earlier was trying to offer us. To bring us up the hill as there were 7 of us (Cheryl didn't come as she had to clear work) and it's easier for us to get seats there. Plus, shuttle up was free. We said thanks to the Aussie dude and it's up the shuttle bus to the hill we went... 

You will wonder where they would take you as it was a really super ulu road and along the way we wondered if they kidnapped all 7 girls how? Especially when it turned up the quiet and dark road up the hill. Walao damn scary can. But the shuttle tuktuk looked pretty legit, and there were stickers promoting No. 6 restaurant and selling their t-shirts and stuff (yeah, this restaurant has their own No.6 T-shirts...damn cool). 

When we got there, damn it was so worth the scary ride. I don't know why I didn't take pictures but the view was awesome. Scenic was an understatement, and you get fresh air and can see the coastline, unobstructed. If you have a chance, go up the hill to eat. The restaurant down at that Prabaramee Soi3? Unless you are rushing for time, take my advice and get onto that shuttle. 

Super random but I had to camwhore cos the place looked so nice. Though you can't see much of the background. Haha~

 Nah~ This was the outdoor seating area. When it gets full I think this place will open up. 

We had one hugeass table to ourselves~~~

Food was served so quickly, we barely took a few pictures and couldn't have time to be bored (you know it when you start looking for wifi), and they were here. It's crazy! We ordered a LOT of food, and they just kept coming! Service and efficacy - 5 stars. And pssstt....they use an app and a tablet to take orders! Whoa~!!!

The van/bus/pickup/tuktuk/whatever you call it. Get on!

After food, we're all energized to shop. I think I bought like 2 bikinis? And Daphne bought 2, Carrie bought one I think, so did Melissa. I also bought one for Cheryl. Cos we haggled from 400THB per piece to 240THB per piece. Buy la! It's pretty good material stuff by the way. 

I bought another one the next day, and haggled to 230THB! Muahaha~ Champs.

Oh, when shopping, please bargain, and don't be too attached to the item. They can tell, and won't budge with the price. Aim to slash half, then work your way up. Always say it's too expensive first, and they will hand you a calculator to quote your price. You know what to do. Bargain a little. And if they don't budge, walk away. They will call you back, 80% of the time. Decide how much you are willing to pay for the item, and leave them just enough for them to profit a little. Just because. You are on holiday anyway. Make someone happy too. =D

On our way back onboard another Ah beng sound system-ed tuk tuk. Tryna act all cool cos it's some rapper on the background music. Lol!!!!

After that we just went back and slept. Ok la I didn't. I was going through emails and scripts and instagram and facebooking until like 4am. Then I felt slightly sick and decided to call it a night. Which explained my face at 10am in the morning...

I have a tendency to popiah myself with my blanket when I sleep, that is, somehow roll myself inside and tuck the sides of the blanket in as well so people can't snatch them back. It's been like that since I was...erm...can't remember. But my boyfriend when I was 17 years old told me I snatch blankets and popiah myself when I sleep, so I guess it's been that way for a while. I didn't even realize it till I saw this picture. Lol nice one Cheryl!

I was really feeling slightly feverish, but mind over body works. I hopped right out of bed and in less than 15 minutes we were doing these in the living room:

 My pigu quite perky hor. Lolol~ Loved the fact that all 8 of us were sporting and spontaneous that way! Best girly trip EVER~~~!!! 

Last day already, and no, not enough of water activities. We had to find a slide at the hotel pool...

and do more jump shots...

Me looking super scary on the left. But it was a nice jump take. Again! Haha~

I must say I was really glad I went on this trip. I got a healthy tan which I never thought I would love so much. I now have so many bikinis, when once I shudder at the very mention of it. I got to know the girls better and I think every single one of them were super duper cool in their own ways. And I mean every single one. When are we booking our next trip girls? And where??? Can wear more biginisss???

Planning one with the BFF already. Aussie? Korea? Taiwan? ;)


  1. Suggesting Marbella in Spain :) One awesome beach holiday. Or Dubai :)
    Anyway, the pics look like so much fun, thanks for sharing!
    And shopping on hols is great!


  2. Phuket is indeed a very nice place to visit. The food is delicious and the people are friendly. I have been to almost every commercial island in Thailand because there are always great new things to explore. There are water activities, land adventures and many more at such affordable prices. Of course it would be more exciting if you travel in a group but if you wish to keep the trip a relaxing and a quiet one, then there are also just as many things to do for 1 or 2 people.

  3. What hotel did you stay at in Phucket? I am planning a trip : ) Nice blog post!