Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pooooket with the Girls! - Day 1

It's been a while since my last travel post, despite the fact that I have a TON of holiday posts waiting to be written. I'm back from Phuket! And I really want to try to do this before life's other things drag me away to busy-ness and 1 year goes by without any updates on this holiday. 

If you have been following me on Instagram you'll see a lot of my beach holiday pictures which I will also be sharing here. (If you want real-time updates follow me here on Instagram!)

Upon arrival in Phuket and having gotten onto our minibus.

 One thing to note about the taxis (or minibuses if you have a big group like we did) - some haggling is required. Go with the rate on the board on the wall right in front of the taxi counters. Our rate was 1100baht to go to Kamala Beach where our hotel was. The first counter insisted on 1300baht. We walked away to the second taxi counter and told them we wanted 1100baht and got it. Later on we realized that after we walked away the first counter told one of our girls that 1000 baht they'll take. Kanasai. The trick is not to look interested at all, and walk away as a group. They want your business, they will do it at a reasonable price.

Happily arrived at the Swissotel Resort Phuket.

Picture credit: Cheryl Tay
 Seeing Ju Ann lie down right there in the middle of the lobby on the lobby daybed? Dunno what that is, but I just lay beside her and did a leg lift. Lol!!! #random

When we met I had no idea Jacqueline would be the girl I would have the most nonsense fun with. That's her in orange-pink top. Scroll on...

Picture credit: Cheryl Tay
 And yes, Cheryl said I might as well do splits on this thing, and Jac said she could, and so we did. Thus begins our direction for this trip - to be super random.

Our rooms were nice - it's a suite with a living area, a kitchen area and 2 bedrooms. The only thing I didn't like was that it only had one toilet. 4 girls to one suite, 1 toilet? Seriously...?

The thing with going out with social media influencers is that once you get wifi, everyone starts getting really busy...

I'm actually kind of glad that there wasn't wifi most of the time while we were out. Else we might not have had so much fun the way we did. Everyone really interacted. It was evident once we stepped far enough away from the wifi-accessible areas of the lobby to go get dinner. 

 The very beautiful Kamala Beach. We walked there from our hotel (5-10min) for dinner, and because we caught sunset, the view was breathtaking.

So so picturesque.

Just. Had. To. Do. This. It's not everyday you get to do a sunset silhouette jumpshot.

 Maybe cos we were in a quiet part of Phuket (Kamala is pretty secluded for a beach), the food wasn't as good. Probably cos the turnover wasn't high, so the seafood wasn't really as fresh either. And QC was bad. We ordered like 2 dishes of the same steamed fish. They served us 2 completely different fishes. Same price somemore. -.-"

Tip: Unless you're really into quiet and reclusive and staying near the hotel (i.e. not venturing into crowded areas at all), I'd suggest staying near Patong Beach. Food is easy and cheaper, you save on taxi to get there, and everything is just so much nearer to each other. We didn't know, so oh we do.

 By the time we got back to the hotel after dinner (think it was like 9:30, 10pm?), I thought the pool had closed because the lights were all off in the pool (maybe there weren't any in the first place, I can't be sure), but apparently they weren't, cos the girls just decided to go in anyway for a dip. And thanks to Jacqueline who brought along an underwater camera, we had so much fun doing silly pool shots. It turned out to be a pretty hilarious way to end the night. 

Warning: You might not have seen this side of me. 

Post-Warning: This is just the first day preview.

 "Nope, I've got nothing up my sleeve...."
(If you hear anyone say this line usually this means something is about to follow....)

 I punched Jac! Jac got a shock...

She kicked me. And I flew....

More updates tmr! Bye!

It's 7am and I haven't slept. That's why...

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