Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Phuket Day 2 - Princess Raya Tour (Raya Island & Coral Island)

Day 2 was THE day! Well cos we arrived on Day 1 in the evening and when we got to our hotel it was already dinner time, so it didn't really count, though we did book our next day's tour then, and that first night got us really well-rested for the Day 2's island hopping adventure. I doubt we would be able to do it on a touch-down day anyway (tour pick-ups are normally between 7am to 8am).

Island-hopping is a must-do if you're in Phuket, I think. I've been to Phuket once in 2006 (I think), and once in 2009, and I didn't do island hopping on either of these trips. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. When we came back from dinner on Day 1, all but two island-hopping tours were fully booked, and we were left with one affordable (and less crowded) option - The Princess Raya tour, covering Raya Island / Coral Island with snorkelling.  Aiyah anything la, next time then try the rest lor.

Lunch is provided for this tour, and it costs 1400THB per person.

(The other one was 1600THB I think, and involved a 600 pax yacht. Like wtf too many people la! 600 sounded too chaotic.)

Awaiting tour to commence. And photobombed by an Ah Ma and a random guy.

All excited cos it's been a long time since me and Cheryl hung out properly. Actually we didn't really get to hang out too much this trip either (minimal) as she didn't go into the water at all when, as you can see from Day 1, we were in the water most of the time. Reason? She was having her monthly women thing and refused to try to use a tampon despite Daphne's and my efforts. Bleah~ 

Also, she had work to do on the trip. Like hello??? Automotive people!!! Give my darling a break! She's on holleeedayyy for Christ's sake!

Having said that, I must say she has been a really good sport in that she still came to the tour with us. Most people would have just stayed in the hotel. Love you la babe!

The many speedboats waiting to send the many groups to their respective destinations. I had no idea how many tours there were, but they must be all pretty exciting~~~

All pictures with the Cheryl Tay logo on the top right hand corner are credited to Cheryl Tay, obviously. Because she's usually the one taking pictures, you hardly see her in her pictures. *Duh~* She uses a super intimidating Canon 1-D (the highest end of Canon cameras) for all her pictures. (She's a motorsports writer, so speed and quality are essential.) You can read her and see her photography works on Cheryl-Tay.com 

Cheryl, me and Daphne

I forgot to mention - Daphne, when I first met her, was really big. We met on the GLOW programme that I blogged about some time ago, and it has totally changed her life. She went from this:
to her current size. 
So proud of her can?!!!! She exercises like 3-5 times a week, and eats really healthily now.

While me, being such a lazy bum, have remained the same. Boohoo~ Yes, I have been busy, but discipline is something I need to work on when it comes to my diet and exercise. GLOW needs to be taken regularly, something I keep forgetting before my meals. And it's not an excuse to not exercise. Even more no excuse when it comes to instant noodles. *guilty like dunno what* Anyway, more on that another time. 

And we arrive at Coral Island!!!! 
Each time I say the name I keep thinking of The Unbeatables and Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing. You know, 珊瑚岛?!

Our tour guide who kept calling us "Ollen Ollen!" thanks to the orange sticker that represented our group. Lol.

Presenting to you....the GLOW girls. Okay some. No this trip wasn't sponsored by GLOW. It just so happened that we met through the GLOW programme, and all of us somehow have a common frequency, and we clicked, and we decided to go on a trip together. Thus the hashtag in our Fb/Instagram #glowinphuket. Plus, don't you think we were all glowing? ;)

This beach really is called Coral Island for a reason. When I tried to go into the water, knnnnnnnnnnn it was so painful cos the floor was just so full of broken corals la! Pain like faaaaaak!!! I was ouch-ing my way for a good 10 metros into the water before my feet touched soft smooth sand. Ok ouch-ing was an understatement. I was cursing and swearing all the way in. Lol. 

Life vests are a lifesaver. -duh- 
I mean when there you keep stepping on corals all you need to do with get just half your body in the water, and float to the deeper parts without the broken corals. You don't even have to worry about it being too deep cos you can just float~~~~~~~~ 

Melissa without a lifevest clinging onto me for dear life. Lol. Those hands were mine by the way, in case you thought she was boob-grabbing me. #misleadingexpressions

We were left alone on Coral Island for a while before the speedboat came back for us to take us snorkelling off Raya Island. I've never done this before so I was getting really excited! 

Look at that crisp clear turquoise/teal-coloured sea! Hao piao liang ah!!!!

Can u spot the fishes in the water?!

First time donning the snorkel mask. I have to say it's pretty claustrophobic. Your nose can't breathe, obviously, as it's kept in this vacuum, and you're biting a mouthpiece which you breathe through that connects to that pipe. 

Not comfortable. Bleah.

What you get to see underwater was pretty worth it though. I'd like to try diving someday though. Cos water keeps getting into my pipe and I kept tasting seawater as I was trying to breathe with my mouth. Lol~ 

For some reason the thing in the mouth image doesn't look very PG... 

After frolicking in the water with the fishes, of course we were hungry. The tour included lunch onshore Raya Island.

This water is too breathtakingly beautiful. (Turquoise happens to be my favourite color. ^^)

Lunch was okay, served at this shack, canteen/barrack-style. You may also call it buffet. Lol. No pictures were taken, cos we were all just too busy eating. If you want really more decent food though, I'd recommend you pay and eat along the beachside. Food's a LOT better.

 Spotted this little boy at a convenience store and I couldn't help but pick him up. Made me miss Alton so much. I wonder how he'd be like if he was an island beach dog. Lol.

Cheryl and Daphne wanted some REAL food. Their real food simply means healthy food like salads and decent vegetables. Our real food means fries and burgers. Lol. All are available at the beachfront restaurant. I had my fill at the canteen place so I was ready to work the calories off...

What better way than doing jumpshots and splits and cartwheels, right?

Eh hem. Yes that's me. ^^ *blush*

Tired just seeing us bounce and jump all over the place? 
Wait till you see this....

7 girls all up in the air nicely. Cheryl Tay, your camera damn zai. LOLOLOL!!!!
Okok kidding! You're a damn good photographer! ^^ (I wish you were inside this pic too though~)

Holidaying with like-minded happy sporty girls ROCKS BALLS MAN!!!!


  1. The last shot is great. You girls must have tried for...ten times? Glad that you had fun.