Tuesday, 14 May 2013


For the friends I have who shower me with love, gifts and attention even when I'm so nonchalant and super bad at doing little things like that.

There's Cheryl, who never fails to buy things back from wherever she goes to cover her motorsports events. If she goes to Japan, she'll come back with Shiroi Koibito biscuits or Potato Farm fries for me, and if she's in Australia, she'll come back with my Starburst Squirts. She even bought me a Juicy Couture bag, just because. And I really love her and want to reciprocate but I never know what she doesn't have (she travels so often and buys things for herself so I almost never really know what else she wants). Despite that her love for me grows, and I am grateful.

There's Mint, who's ever so thoughtful and buys me things whenever too, like the Essence of Fish and Bird's Nest when she knew I was going for an operation, and Goodwood Park Durian Puffs just because she knows I'm crazy about durian.

Clara also bought makeup and little things for me from her recent Korea trip. I totally wasn't expecting that. She's ever so sweet and fun to be with, and I can totally be auntie and pretty together with her. Thank you love. Let's do a home party soon. ;)

Azmi, my brother, my confidante, one of my closest guy friends in my life. I tell him almost everything, and he's always there for me when I need someone to talk to. Not that my girlfriends aren't of course, but sometimes a guy's perspective helps. Also, my 3 girlfriends above are super busy, and when I feel like I might be imposing on them, I go to Azmi. This might change soon, as his wife Joy is pregnant with their first child! Congrats dear! I don't know why but I'm so excited about it. Lol~ Even with the baby coming, I'm sure Azmi will still be a very great friend. ^^

Daniel Ho and Derrick Ong who never fail to check up on me over Facebook chat, even when more than half the time I'm not replying (I keep my computer on at home 24/7 so it looks like I'm online even when I''m not). Yes dears, I still wanna go those photoshoots with you!

Benson and JS. You both started out just as fans, and somehow along the way we've become friends. I want to thank the both of you for supporting me all these years since 2005, and for all the little things you've done for me. Benson, I remember my very first helmet was from you. =) And that plague you made for me in 2005. JS, you're one of the best help I could ever have. Thank you for everything.

Angeline and Hagen, all those FDP ads I see plastered over buses and taxis, and the visual moving ads at the MRT stations. They remind me of how much I enjoy working with you, and how lucky I am to have both of you as my friends. It's been months since we last met, and I promise a visit very soon. I miss our siao ding dong moments and our movie nights. Just so you know, I still love you guys.

There's Comb, my very own style advisor cum stylist. He never fails to go the extra mile to help me with my image whenever I need help, and he gives me so much career advise that it's really a pity he's a hairstylist instead of an artiste manager. I will grab this one if he ever decides to change his career path.

There's more, but these are the creme de la creme who do more for me than I could ask for.

I'm also grateful for the readers like you, who keep coming to check my blog for updates even after a week or 2 of no updates. I just got a message on Formspring asking me to update my blog more regularly. I apologize for being busy, and for being lazy after work. I really salute anyone who can hold a full-time job and can still blog regularly (I mean full-time job as in really work 8-12 hours kinda job, not the go to office but really only work 3 hours type). My schedule for May looks like it might be freeing up just a little bit. And I really have a lot I wanna write down in my little online diary here. So expect a slew of posts coming up okay? I don't care if you're not interested, I'm going to bombard you with those anyway. I'm also considering doing more YouTube videos. May the universe's forces be with me.

Of course there's my loving family, and a relationship which doesn't require me to worry much about. My career looks pretty good for now - it's climbing nicely, and I'm grateful for all the opportunities. (Keep them coming! ><) I really have nothing I should complain about, do I?

Life is good. And thank you for being a part of it. =D

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