Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What Has Blogging Done For You

I gave a little talk today on blogging in Republic Polytechnic earlier today, thanks to the invite from Alvin from, and while listening to him share about blogging & all those places he has been and the people he has met, I couldn't help but wonder a little about what blogging has done for me.

And with that, here I chronicle my timeline in blogging:

  • Started blogging in October, which makes my blog officially 3 years & 2 months' old now
  • Wrote about my life and happenings, almost daily.
  • Read by friends and family who are interested to know what is going on in my life.
  • Joined Omy Blog Club to kind of get into the blogging "circle".
  • Averages 50 hits per day. Not sure if they are unique hits. Lol.

  • Nominated for Singapore Blog Awards organized by, where I met my then god-sister which I have never met (we share the same godpa that's why), Mint Leong. 
  • Went for events I never would have gone if I was never a blogger, like ManHunt Singapore 2010
Omy Blog Awards was also where I got to know Geck Geck, Holly Jean & ever-so-funny Christine!
  • Met the Nuffnang people at a Kotex event. My journey with Nuffnang opened even more doors.
  • Met a lot of awesomely nice bloggers and people in the blogging circle like OnlyWilliam, Alvinology & Cheryl Tay.
  • Started accepting advertorials.
  • Received nail sponsorship from Milly's
  • Blogged for STomp's columns "Star Blog" & "I Say You Say".
  • Tried interesting beauty treatments like eyebrow embroidery.
With the cutest & smartest little boy from Penang ever, Chris!!!
  • Got to go to Hong Kong Disneyland to enjoy & blog about it!
  • Tried my hands on Go-Karting
  • Received nail sponsorship from JNails.

Omg my hair was so long and nice!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Nails Sponsored by Lavishing Me
  • Went to Bintan Lagoon Resorts for a weekend getaway, and had the chance to release my first Wish Lantern
  • Attended plenty of Halloween preview parties
  • Went to Genting to have fun at the new Snow City
  • Did dENiZEN We Are Explorers Campaign & went to Shanghai, Kunming & Beijing (see travel tab below my blog banner.)

  • Got to stay at one of the best hotels in Hong Kong - Conrad HK
Best buffet breakfast. Ever. 
  • Got to test-drive and review an amazing car which I will talk about soon.
  • Met current beau - the guy whom I talk about my future with.
I think that last point was my main point in this post. Lol. He's simply amazing - smart, driven, charming, everything I could ask for (I wrote about here) and words alone cannot describe how I feel towards this person who just barged into my life at seemingly the right time.

And meeting Mint, Cheryl, Clara & Peggy & all these wonderful people in my life whom I know I will have a lifelong relationship with, that is special to me. Because a careless maintenance cost me one, I now treat friendships (and relationships I care about) with delicate tender love & care now. I see myself growing old (or growing younger) with them.

It hasn't been a rosy road, but I think the dips in my blogging career made me a better person. As long as we have learnt something from every fall, these falls were well-deserved.

Yup, so I got to earn some money to pay my bills with blogging, travel quite a bit, did some pretty cool stuff, got a LOT of free things, my friends and family no longer need to ask what I'm doing to find out what's up with my life,  I think one other thing blogging has done for me is also that it opened me up to you.

 Yes you reading this.

 Every single one of my readers made me who I am, whether you have been following me since Day 1 or started paying attention midway or you somehow stumbled in here, your reading my entries have kept me blogging, and without you, there would not be the continued existence of this blog. For that, I thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart. =)

What has blogging done for you?

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