Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ramblings, & a New Travelog?

Busy is good! Okay maybe not so good for my readers but I assure you I have a whole list of things to share with you, including way overdue stories and travels. Lol. 

I think I have been eating pretty unhealthily, like anyhow, as and when, dunno what. So I'm on a eat-less kinda thing. Not exactly a diet, but just eat less so that I can get rid of a tummy that has miraculously appeared the last 2 weeks. (And no I'm not preggers cos I'm bleeding, if that interests you enough to know. Bleah.)

I packed my room! The floor is now clear. Before I had clutter all over and it was getting uncomfortable as I had to twist myself to walk. I read in some fengshui or organizational book that floor clutter is somehow related to financial problems. They're not half as bad if you have a cluttered wall. Enough reason for you to start clearing things? =)

Starting to hang out with my lovely cousin Phyllis again. She just did her LASIK and is newly single so I told her I wanna date her while my darling is few thousand miles away, and bring her to places she's never been, like St James. (Like seriously babe????) Be prepared to see her more in my posts. ;)

Met a JC friend for dinner as he's back from Darwin. I got to eat my beloved White Beehoon from Sembawang (loves!) and he got me Haig Chocolates! 

The last time he was in Korea he bought me this super good BB cream which till today remains one of my favourite. How come I have such sweet friends??? ^.^ Thanks so much JX! I probably should plan for that trip to Darwin with Cheryl Tay....

Oh okay before you are lost, me and Cheryl met like in 2010, and come 2011, we randomly decided to just, for the 2nd time, book a holiday, and pack for a girly getaway to Hong Kong. Where we talked and laughed and blogged (yes she works on the go..this girl is a mad workaholic!) And it was so much fun we decided we should do this every year. And 2012 came and is almost gone, December air ticket prices are mad, so are hotels, so we decided we should go coming Jan/Feb. With no destination in mind. Yet. Darwin now sounds like a good idea, plus my friend has empty rooms in his apartment, so that could save us accommodation costs...heh heh~ Idea~~~

Before that happens, I have to finish up my work for December, go to Shanghai for Xmas and the New Year, then decide on my girly holiday. Oh my goodness I've been travelling A LOT this year!!! 

  • I started the year at Guangzhou where I did my countdown with Hagen's mum. Yes that was totally random. 
  • Then there was wintery and so dreamy-beautiful Hokkaido with the family to start the new lunar year with (which I was halfway through! Will get back to it in a bit!), 
  • then Batam with Mint, 
  • followed by Batam with Angeline, 
  • then Shanghai where I explored The Bund for the first time, did some kickass kungfu and starred in my first kungfu film (okay more like a clip), 
  • Kunming and 
  • Beijing for dENiZEN We Are Explorers campaign (which I have yet to complete blogging about as well...yikes~). 
  • Next I went to Taipei for my first date with my beau (tell u guys more about this another post!), 
  • and then Shanghai in July (read more here under the Explore Shanghai series, too many to link), 
  • followed by Hong Kong in August (I still have posts to share about HK too)
  • and then Shanghai again. 
  • After I came back I went to Genting with Nuffnang where I got to know Celine better, 
  • then Bintan with a whole bunch of bloggers and where I got to know Yuhao better.
  • I'm flying back to Shanghai to end the year with. 
I left out my short Johor Bahru trips. If I wanna include day trips there's no end to this. And then there are those trips I did while filming last year. Goodness. 

Okay that's a lotta China. I kinda miss London a lot. A lot. A lot. I know I've said this before, but I can't help it. And I do want to go to the States, just so I can go crazy on the shopping. Even Australia sounds nice now. Or Italy? Cape Town? Nepal? Somewhere exotic. *imagines* (The Power teaches me to imagine and feel love for being there.) For some weird reason, I've never been so excited about travel when I was flying as I am now. Now I just wanna go everywhere and really see the world, experience, discover and make memories with loved ones. Something I stopped feeling 4 months into my cabin crew life. I found the excitement and thrill of travelling again! Haha~ Does any airline want to help with my air tickets, especially to and from Shanghai? >.< China Eastern? Air Asia? Cathay? SQ??? U guys got lobang can intro also hor don't be shy. Europe also can. ;)

I think I should do a weekly travelog, like travel blog posts. Waddya think? Kind of like a way to force myself to blog about my trips. Every Friday? Sounds good I think. Let's go on a weekly date, so even if I have no posts, you'll know Friday there is bound to be something outside of Singapore. I currently have at least 12 posts I can share, so that's 3 months already, and I'm sure by digging through my hard disks I can find more. Coming Friday. No see no split! ;)

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