Friday, 31 August 2012

Plastic Surgery, Love It? Hate it?

It's here to stay alright. But sometimes it feels real good to know that I don't really need that much work to look the way I do. *blushes*

Of course, I won't mind a nose job, or a fuller pair of boobs, or legs that go on forever (can those be changed by the way?) I love my lips, my fine hair which I sometimes accidentally destroy but which I know will grow back pretty again, I'm really thankful to my parents for my double eyelids, pretty eyes and sharp chin, I have nice collarbones (I think). Heck, I'm even starting to love my current figure, after having a struggle with it growing up all the way to the last few years. I am at peace with my looks.

Sure, sometimes I hear Jolin Tsai's 看我72变 and I wonder about a sharper nose (Fengshui says it helps with career luck!), a smaller waist, and all those things I mentioned above. But heck, if a sponsor comes I'll take it. If not, I'll live my life good until I have a sudden urge to want to improve my looks with my own money.

Doing it improves your lives, believe it or not. Jolin might not be the Superstar goddess she is now had she not decided to endure the pain which came with looking gorgeous. It was well worth it, I would say. Her singer lifespan was nearing its end (almost) and she was going to go be a teacher if her 72变 album didn't make it. Ha~ She made it alright. Huge! ^.^

Woots! 偶像专辑快发了!!!好开心呀!!!

Oh trivia! In her latest MV 大艺术家 where she first starts dancing, OMG that style looks so Dawn Yang!!! Hey if that style is what Jolin is going for then Dawn must be doing something right. That being said, Jolin looks like Dawn with pink hair here:


So both queens are doing something right I guess. *shrugs*

Whatever. Jolin rocks!

Sorry for digressing. But seriously, whether or not people choose to be upfront about plastic surgery, it has taken the world, or at least Singapore, by storm, no thanks to influential KOLs like Korean superstars and local top bloggers. 

Credits to
Click on the link and you will see her current picture. =) Despite all that talk surrounding whether or not she did plastic surgery, she owes no one an explanation. What she eats, does, reads, how she poops, whether her fart is smelly or aromatic, aiyah, really doesn't matter right? 

Then there's this other famous blogger who recently claimed in her entry that I'm one of her least favorite people (*sobs* Why oh why~ I love reading you still you know??? Sometimes.)

Credits to

Whoever hates whoever doesn't matter. I just think that everyone just looks amazing now. Those are words from the heart of my bottom of my heart.

Dblchin has talked about her fillers

PXDkitty about her double eyelid job (I think you look so pretty now after your eyelid surgery!), and to be honest I can't really find an ugly picture of her prior to surgery cos she already looks quite adorable to begin with.

Peggy Heng about her whole transformation (she is so going to kill me for love!)

Heck, I've even talked about Botox in one of my earlier posts this year. You can look through some of my younger pictures in this post.

My point is, everyone just looks so good now! It's one thing to overdo it and start looking monstrous, but another to enhance what you already have and start looking like a goddess.

I think at some point in a woman's life, she is going to get something done to herself to change, or rather, enhance her looks, be it braces (or Invisalign), fillers, eyebrow embroidery, botox, slimming (either invasive or not), bust enhancement, or even something as trivial as hair dyeing. It's not so much a plastic surgery big hoohah now as it is just about us enhancing how we look. The quest for perfection need not be to satisfy our men anymore. It's a 自己美给自己爽 world now. And really, as long as you're not harming/hurting anyone else in the process, who's stopping us from getting what we want these days? ;)

-看我72变, 蔡依林

Oh I can't wait for her new album~!!!!!!


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